Why do You Pursue me? – Fred

Why do You Pursue me?

Nov 4, 2019, 4:07 PM


Why do You pursue me Lord? I find it hard to believe that You would even want me anywhere near your kingdom. I am such a sinner but yet it seems like you are always following me. I have done nothing but disappoint You, but yet you still want to love me. What makes You so great that You can even love a sinner like me? How come You make me feel so wanted when all that I do is kick sand in Your face. You truly are a God of second chances. Just the fact that you loved me so much that You would send Your Son down to this horrible and sin riddled world so that He could die for my sins is beyond incredible. Why would You do that? I haven’t done anything that would even come close to deserving His life for mine. What makes me so special that you would do almost anything so that I can spend eternity with You.

You are way beyond my comprehension. You are Truly a One of a kind. You are so loving that you want every single soul to somehow make their way back to You. I am so thankful that I will do anything for you Lord.

Please show me and please give me the words so that I can let others know of your greatness. Please give me the words so that I can let others know that there is hope for them just like you have given hope to me.

I have come to realize that everything here is so meaningless without You. I will make sure that I totally live my life here for you Lord because without you there is no hope. Help me to live my life so that others will truly see the reflection of You in me. All Praise and Honor and Glory be unto You Most Holy and Precious God. You are BEYOND the BEYOND!

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