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Why Bill Clinton?

April 16, 2021 8:31 PM

A night ago, I dreamt of Bill Clinton. He was standing directly in front of me. I was shocked as I never think of him or his wife. He was wearing an expensive suit, but my focus was on his tie. A silver metallic tie, that was highly polished and shining. It had tiny metal thread tassels on the edges down the the entire length of the necktie. I recognized the rich tassel embroidery metal-work that royalty wore in the 17th-18th centuries, on coronation robes and heraldic order uniforms.

Suddenly, there were these large porcelain circular jars in my vision field, with round covers, almost like huge Chinese blue & white covered urns. Then I heard the words “Canopic Jars,” as the vision folded up. They were ancient Egyptian funereal organ receptacles, used for embalmed dead humans and animals, conserved in clay pots, that had their idol gods heads, as figurine lids. They were placed in the tombs, near the mummy carcoficases.

A very strange dream? Is he to pass? If so will he be turned into some kind of idol? If anyone has any interpretation from the Holy Spirit, please forward it to the moderator, I would appreciate it. We know in part, we see in part only…


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