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June 6, 2022
U B Ready

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hello everyone welcome to this channel
today is june 6th 2022
this word was given to me by the lord in
august 9th of 2017
and has never been published
the title the lord gave me
is whoredoms
and the scripture he gave me is ezekiel
and this is the parable of a hola and a
and for those who haven’t read this
chapter in ezekiel
it’s very eye-opening
and you will also be able to place the
references of a hola to the land of
israel and her evil sister aholaba
as the united states and so here we go
the word of the lord came again unto me
son of man
there are two women the daughters of one
and they committed whoredoms in egypt
they committed whoredoms in their youth
were their breasts pressed
and their bruised their teeth of their
and the names of them were a hola
the elder and a hula ba her sister
and they were mine
and they bear sons and daughters
thus were their names samaria is a hola
and jerusalem is a hula ba
and ahola played the harlot when she was
mine and she doted on her lovers on the
assyrians her neighbors
which were clothed in blue captains and
rulers of all of them desirable young
horsemen riding upon horses
thus she committed her whoredoms with
them with all that were
were chosen men of assyria
and with all on whom she doted with all
of their idols she defiled herself
neither left she her whoredoms brought
from egypt
for in her youth they lay with her and
they bruised the breast of her virginity
and poured their horde upon her
wherefore i have delivered her under the
hand of her lovers and it then to the
hand of the assyrians upon whom she
these discovered her nakedness they took
her sons and her daughters and slew her
with the sword and she became famous
among women
for they had executed judgment upon her
and when her sister a holobas saw this
she was more corrupt
in her inordinate love than she
and in her whoredoms more than her
sister in her whoredoms
she doted upon the assyrians her
captains and rulers clothed most
gorgeously horsemen riding upon horses
all of them desirable young men
then i saw that she was defiled
that they took
both one way
and that she increased her for
when she saw men portrayed upon the wall
the images of the chaldeans portrayed
with vermilion
girded with girdles upon their loins
exceeding and dyed attire upon their
all of them princes to look to
after the manner the babylonians of
chaldea in the land of their nativity
and as soon as she saw them with her
eyes she doted upon them
and sent messengers onto chaldea
and the babylonians came to her
into the bed of love
and they defiled her with their whoredom
and she was polluted with them
and her mind was alienated from them
so she discovered her whoredom and
discovered her nakedness
then my mind was alienated from her like
as my mind was alienated from her sister
yet she multiplied her
in calling to remembrance the days of
her youth
wherein she had played the harlot to the
land of egypt
for she doted upon the paramours
whose flesh is as the flesh of asses and
whose issue
is like the issue of horses
thou call us to remembrance the lewdness
of thy youth
in bruising thy teeth by the egyptians
and the past of thy youth
therefore o aholavah thus saith the lord
behold i will rise up
thy lovers against thee from whom thy
mind is alienated
and i will bring them against thee on
every side
the babylonians
and all the chaldeans peacob and showa
and koa and all the assyrians with them
all of them desirable young men captains
and rulers great lords and renowned all
of them riding upon horses
and they shall come against thee with
chariots wagons and wheels and with an
assembly of people would set against the
buckler and shield and helmet round
and i will set judgment before them and
they shall set judge thee
according to their judgments
and i will set my jealousy against thee
and they shall deal furiously with thee
they shall take away thy nose and thine
ears and thy remnants shall fall by the
sword they shall take thy sons and thy
daughters and thy residue shall be
devoured by fire
they shall also strip
thee out of thy clothes and take away
thy fair jewels
thus will i make thy lewdness to cease
from thee and thy whoredoms brought from
the land of egypt
so that thou shalt not lift up thine eye
unto them nor remember egypt anymore
for thus saith the lord god behold i
will deliver thee into the hand of them
whom thou hatest and into the hand of
them from whom thy mind is alienated
and they shall deal
with thee hatefully and shall take away
all thy labor
and shall leave thee naked and bear
and the nakedness of thy whoredom shall
be discovered both thy lewdness and thy
i will do these things unto thee
because thou hast gone a whoring after
the heathen and because thou art
polluted with their idols
thou has walked in the way of thy sister
therefore i will give her cuff into
thine hand
thus saith the lord god thou shalt drink
of thy sister’s cup deep and large
thou shalt be laughed to scorn and had
in derision it containeth much
thou shalt be filled with drunkenness
and sorrow with the cup of astonishment
and desolation
with the cup of thy sister samaria
thou shalt even drink it and suck it out
and now shall break the
shirds thereof and pluck off thine own
for i have spoken it thus saith the lord
therefore thus saith the lord god
because thou hast forgotten me
and cast me behind my back therefore
bear thou also thy lewdness and thy
whoredoms the lord said moreover unto me
son of man will thou judge a hola and a
hula ba
yea declare unto them their abominations
that they have committed adultery
and their blood is on their hands
and with their idols have they committed
adultery and have also caused their sons
whom they bear unto me to pass
them through the fire to devour them
this they have done unto me they have
defiled my sanctuary in the same day and
have profaned my sabbath
for when they had slain their children
to their idols
then they came the same day unto me my
sanctuary to profane it
and lo
thus have they done in the midst of mine
and furthermore
that ye have sent for men to come from
far unto whom a messenger was sent
and lo they came for whom thou dis
washed thyself penis thy eyes and decast
thyself with ornaments
and satis up on the stately bed
and table prepared before it
whereupon now has set mine incense and
mine oil
and a voice of a multitude
being at ease was with her
with the men
of the common sort were with the
from the wilderness
which put bracelets upon their heads and
beautiful crowns upon their heads
then said i unto her
that was old and adulteries
would they now commit whoredoms with her
and she with them
yet they went in unto her
and they go
in unto a woman that playeth the
so when they into a hola and unto
the lewd women
and the righteous men
they shall judge them after the manner
of the adulteresses and after the manner
of women that shed blood because they
are adulterouses and blood is in their
for thus saith the lord god i will bring
up a company upon them
and will give them to be removed and
and the company
shall stone them with stones and
dispatch them with their swords
they shall slay their sons and their
daughters and burn up their houses with
thus will i cause lewdness to cease out
of the land
that all women may be taught not to do
after your lewdness
and i will recompense your lewdness upon
you and you shall bear the sins of your
idols and ye shall know that i am the
lord god
i know it’s rather a long chapter to
it’s very informing
the spirit of god can reveal that to you
but the word that he gave me is called
and he says
my son this nation called america is a
she has committed fornication with every
and just as in the days of ezekiel in
the whoredoms of ahola and her sister
i will judge this nation
this nation has allowed every evil idol
into its bed
and caused all who sleep in this bed to
be defiled
multitudes worship every idol
whether flesh stone wood or glass
all of humanity bows down to one of
only my chosen remnant does not bow to
these they seek and worship the true and
living god
my son i am about to bring about
unimaginable judgments on this vile
even so great the bloodshed my church
will not repent
my people are blinded by this world and
they do not believe in heaven and think
this place is only make-believe to calm
people at funerals
even though i have told them in my word
what is
looks like
they still do not believe
but i am going to remove the scales and
allow my people to see their error and
give them a chance to repent
my church is whoredom allowing every
sort of false teaching into the
i will destroy every church that is a
i will burn it with fire and scatter the
i will lead those
in the flock to my remnant so that they
will be able to hear the truth and be
set free
my son i love all the people i don’t
want to see any perish but my holiness
will not allow unrepentant sin and pride
into my presence
many of these churches will turn
from me and continue to follow the false
or prophet
my son i give life and much more
to those who follow me will live until i
sin for my bride to come
that day is coming soon but i must
ensure my children truly love me
many will leave
the faith because it will be too hard to
trust me
but my remnant will trust me
have great faith i am coming soon
continue to seek me and hear my words i
love you shalom the father
and this was a word from the father
and a
very serious word
as always please take this word to the
lord in prayer
thank you for subscribing and please
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thank you and god bless bye for now

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