WHO KNOWS ME? – Mary Fitzgerald

WHO KNOWS ME? – Mary Fitzgerald

Who knows Me? says the Lord God Almighty. Who in your minuscule mental abilities can seek to uncover and define Me? Even those who have My Spirit within fall short of comprehending Me. And yet, man, in your pride, arrogance and ignorance, you speak for Me… you interpret what I say …. you claim to be experts in your ‘divination’ of Me. When I speak, you have no more understanding than a mere child. You do not know to whom I am speaking, nor whether My Words are personal, or for a group of people, or general as to a nation. You clump all together, as you also do with your feeble attempts to study scripture. Therefore, there is great confusion out of which comes disagreements and arguments, even hatred and prejudices.

There are few who are submissive enough to wait upon Me. They take many hours in My Presence, listening and discerning. And even so, they still may “see through the glass darkly”. However, they are My Remnant, and they are the ONLY ONES who truly belong to Me. Many others come in My Name, but they do not belong to me. They are not of Me, and I have no part in them, no matter how they claim to know and serve Me. They are pitifully deceived, mostly by pride and idolatry, worshiping themselves, their titles, and who they think they are.
Then there are the lost, the worldly, the demon-possessed evildoers who indeed, are the majority. There are nations also, driven and thriving upon every abomination.
Many of My Words, in scripture and in prophecy are addressed to only one of these three groups at a time . I tell you this because the second group – the Religious – believe that My Words to My Remnant apply to them, and that My harsh Words of Judgment to the worldly and evil ones do not apply to them! When I speak of Judgments to an evil nation, the Religious proudly proclaim agreement, when they also deserve and will reap judgment upon themselves. When I speak to My Remnant Words of encouragement, protection and endurance, the Religious name it and claim it for themselves.
With all of this being said – Hear My Words now – and I direct them to the evil Nation of America and to all the Religious therein. I will not speak words of moral change to you, for you will have nothing to do with Me, the author and embodiment of all Righteousness. You are so far poisoned by your own self-righteousness that you will not and at this point, cannot repent. As time passes, you find more and more causes and injustices that you rant about and protest – and yet – what have you done to your own? You America – are you great? Have you ever been great? Will you ever be great again? You, America, a nation built upon the blood of innocents. A nation who to this day, keeps your own enslaved, hungry and downtrodden. You made your way through a land that belonged to others – and even in My Name, you slaughtered, tortured and imprisoned them. Were they evangelized, as you claim your founders intended to do? No – they were considered less than human, savages, and were exterminated. The few that remain are confined and mistreated. You brought others from foreign lands and enslaved them. Yet you justified this because you also did not consider them to be “completely human”. Your arrogance and prejudice is sickening.
You, blood-stained America – how dare you speak of injustices when you have sent your sons and daughters to foreign lands where thousands upon thousands of innocents were carpet bombed, burned alive, MURDERED in the name of Democracy and freedom – and worse yet, your own returned in boxes under your bloody flag.
You, most abominable Nation of America – in the most heinous fashion, you criticize the treatment of foreigners in your land now when nothing has ever been done – NOTHING – to stop your own children from being brutally assassinated in the womb! You use the same excuse and justification – “they aren’t human until birth”. Even now, there are those who desire the freedom to kill children outside of the womb without penalty. A thousand hurricanes and floods could not wash the blood of your OWN that has been spilled into your ground. And it cries out to ME from there as well as does the blood of innocents from all parts of the world.
I am completely done with you, America, and you will reap the bloody consequences of what you have sown.
To the Religious – consider yourself equally guilty as the nation in which you live. You have done nothing in your beautiful buildings, decorated and comfortable, to change anything. You have consumed and consumed and offered nothing but corrupt deceitful doctrines to the masses in return. You fat churches, what have you done for the poor of your own or the foreigner in your land? You grow fatter each day while your eyes are willfully blinded and your hearts as cold as stone. Your priests, bishops and popes commit the foulest of abuses and your heads turn away. Your pastors and leaders spew lie after lie and completely butcher the scriptures for their own benefit. They creep into the halls of government, promising to make significant changes – and yet, have no SPIRITUAL POWER NOR COMMISSION FROM ME – and evil abounds and worsens. They speak in My Name, but it is blasphemy for I have not called, nor anointed them because THEY DO NOT KNOW ME, NOR DO I KNOW THEM. They are as unsaved as the worst demon-possessed in the land.
You Religious hypocrites will also see destruction – and you will not be immune from one ounce of judgment that is coming. You will continue with your deceptions leading millions to eternal damnation. You will follow Satan himself and will be thrown into the Lake of Fire.
To My REMNANT, My faithful ones – those whom I have called and chosen – who will not bow before the gods of America – to You I will speak moral counsel. To you, I instruct to live as My Word has instructed – To care for the orphan and the widow – to open YOUR doors to the foreigner and downtrodden. To walk humbly before your God and to speak MY WORDS with all Power and Authority, so as to snatch some from the fire. Your nation pretends to be compassionate – yet it is false. Your nation feigns concern for the plight of others, yet has not one drop of conscience when the unborn are chemically burned and dismembered in the womb. Your nation condemns the imprisonment of children in holding cells, which indeed is wrong, but what about the vast numbers of your own children who are captive in sex slavery, bought , sold , abused, tortured and murdered each day – even by those in high political and religious offices. The only reason many moral issues are addressed is for political gain only – do not fall for their false compassion.
Guard yourselves, My Remnant. Do not join the Religious and the worldly when they applaud what they believe are righteous acts by the Nation. There are none that are righteous and their acts are false. You are the ones charged to be Light and Salt in the midst of grave deceptions. You are to be wise as serpents but gentle as doves. You are to go the extra mile and give your cloak (topcoat) also. You are the ones charged to speak TRUTH – to speak Words of conviction of Sin – to lead the lost to repentance. The Religious have it backwards – they believe in restoration without repentance. They believe in justice while waving their own blood-stained hands and flag. That is why they hate you, My Remnant, just as they hated Me. I did not seek to change their laws, nor to overthrow their government and replace it with a “moral majority’. How can their plans and promises change anything when their hearts are as dark as night and My Spirit does not dwell within them? I brought to light the evil hearts and hypocrisy of the Religious then, and you shall do the same now. Under the Power and Anointing of My Spirit you will complete the tasks that I have assigned each one, and I will come with My Rewards in My Hand.
America made its choice years ago. America chose to reject Me. So I have rejected it. The Religious also made their choice , and sold their souls to the gods of pride, wealth and comfort. And they have become a haven for every demonic deception and manifestation.
My Remnant has chosen the right path – the Narrow Road – and few there are that have found it. To you will be given the Grace to endure to the end. To you will be given the spiritual treasures, more precious than silver or gold. To you will be granted eternal life with Me, for what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul.
Matthew 24:33-36
33 So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.
34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.
35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

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  1. Paula Selph

    What a true word this is. Lord have mercy on our souls.

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