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Nov 6, 2019
Thalitha Kumi

Why do you judge your brother? I AM the Potter.

When the clay is dug from the riverbank – is it not taken out of it’s comfortzone? Is it not still formless, full of gunk and dirt?

When the clay is washed and kneaded, is it not a painful process to yield to the Potter’s will? Yet you criticise My clay for being an unformed lump. I AM the Potter, I see the greatness of it’s potential. Do you doubt My insight?

When the clay is put on the spinning wheel – is it’s life not spinning out of control, yet the Potter is in full control? Yet you criticise My clay for being without faith, or full of sins, hence the seeming lost of control. I AM the Potter, I know the speed of the wheel needed for My purpose.

When the clay is pressured by My hands – does in not loose all control over itself, as well as all resemblance of it’s former form? Yet you criticise My yielding lump of clay for being the cause of their lives falling apart. It is yielding, don’t you see? I AM the Potter and know how much pressure every kind of vessel need.

When the formed vessel stand on the shelf to dry – does it not look unattractive and forgotten, yet I AM the Potter, I know how long it needs to stand? Yet you criticise My children who look unseeming and unassuming and unfinished in your eyes.

When the vessel is put into the oven – is it not severe affliction, extreme discomfort and distress? I AM the Potter, and I know the vessel needs the oven in order to be able to hold water. Yet you criticise My vessels in the oven, saying their own sins caused their affliction.

When the vessel stands there cooling down – is it not still partly brittle, unattractive, and even smaller than when it went in? And still you criticise My vessel for being ugly, small, half-baked. I AM the Potter – I know how long My vessels need to stand, and only I know the size I need each one to be.

When the vessel is painted and glazed – and one can not see the splendour of the finish yet – does it not loose all resemblance to it’s initial nature and character, without having any definite indication of what it is meant to be yet? Yet you criticise your fellow vessels for being dull, uninteresting, unfinished, without character? I AM the Potter – do I not know how to decorate My vessels, and what is necessary to give each one a unique splendour?

When the vessel go into the oven for the second time – is that not recurring afflictions, temptations and troubles? Yet you criticise your fellow vessels for being the cause of their own sorrows, not able to learn from previous experience? I see the glorious outcome, you only frown at the momentary trouble. I AM the Potter – do I not know why it is necessary?

When the twice-baked vessel stand there cooling down on the shelf, doesn’t it seem finished but forgotten – gathering dust – until it is time for the purpose intended? Yet you criticise even My finished vessels for not being in active duty yet, blaming them of laziness or disobedience, or that they have heard Me wrong and should be in a different place than where they are? I AM the Potter, I know when I will use every individual vessel.

When I use My vessel, you criticise it for being presumptious, arrogant, who-are-you – you are either envious of those I use now, or haughty towards others on the shelf when I use you for My purposes. I AM the Potter, I know when, why, and for what to use each of My vessels.

HENCE, DO NOT JUDGE YOUR BROTHER who seems to be ‘in a wrong spot’. Every one of you are in My hands, in different stages of development, or use. I AM the Potter and I AM busy with each one of you.


Be at peace with your brother.

Love one another, as I have loved you.


To be able to enter My courts, you have to be like Me.


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  1. R

    Amen and amen!!! Wow this really spoke to me in many different ways. Have experienced being blamed for not being healed after being prayed for many times. It must be secret sin, you must have angered God/not ‘right’ with Him, unrepentant, the list is endless. Been blamed for just about everything, down to where I live currently, etc. One person says that God uses them to heal people, so if they prayed for me and I’m not healed then there’s something wrong with me. The attacks are from everywhere and it’s as if the hearts of people have not just grown cold, but have stopped beating altogether.

    On the flip side, I appreciate this message as I too have been too quick to assign blame or criticize others when it’s not my place. God is doing a work in me and many others. The furnace of affliction (on repeat firings and glazings), is no joke. This lump of clay certainly doesn’t resemble anything like it used to be, and I thank the Lord for His kindness and mercy when I deserve neither. I’m convinced that those of us going through many hardships, trials, testings and afflictions NOW, will be exceedingly appreciative that we went through it and endured (with Christ’s strength!) and when the rest of the world is then hit with massive destruction and tribulations, this time of hardships we’ve experienced BEFOREHAND will have helped to form and ready us for whatever our Master might desire to use us as vessels for. We are nothing without our Master Potter!!! God bless you all in Christ/Y’shua HaMachiach

  2. Pat


  3. br collins

    What a word. An edge cutting truth.Oh Lord forgive us


    Amen. We are all undone and unfinished til the day of redemption. It’s a daily walk. Love this word.

  5. do you see anything?

    Latoya Bell,

    If you love the world you don’t love God. It is written.

    I can’t stand this world. I don’t belong here. No due to pride or hate or any sinful nature.

    The reason is, I am part of the body of Christ.

    Tell me, how can you be part of the body if you love what I hate?

  6. Todd Randall

    Please read 1 Corinthians 5, judgement begins with the House of God.

  7. This word shows the tender love the Lord has for each of His children. We are called to love as He loves. Though I can’t comprehend this, I continue to ask Him to reveal where I don’t love as He loves. This is what I’m learning on this journey from a riverbank to a glazed, fired and empty vessel that holds only His glory.

  8. Steven Swartz

    This, I believe also applies to self doubt. I do not see the Holy Spirit in my life as much as I would like, or as much as I think he should be. After reading this, Maybe this is how He is working a change in me. Thank you for this post.

  9. Jeffrey Scott Le Roy

    We are not to condemn but if we have taken the plank out of our own eye we can take the sliver out of our brethren’s eye by conviction . And if the brethren is encouraged by the correction they are mature in their faith walk and if they get offended they are in error and I would pray for them to be humbled before The Lord . That is how I roll ……. :o)

  10. Welle

    indeed amen

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