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Who Is Like God; Beware All You Vampires Of Hell!

April 18, 2021 6:14 PM

The elites of this world live long lives, longer then the average life span. They believe the elixir of life is in the blood; it is! The life I AM gave mankind, is in the blood. But they are not sanctioned to drink the blood of others. From Nimrod on down the generations, the seed of the snake king have indulged in this great sin. It is based on murder! It is a stench in My Nostrils, payable by death eternal. No cannibal who does not repent, will ever enter My House. This heinous crime is practiced by more people in this era than the entire history of all the ages, since Nimrod. The elites also take pride in inculcating and initiating their own fresh and blood, into these evil mysteries, thereby passing down these rites to another generation.

I AM will vomit you from My Sight if you indulge in this crime. There is no forgiveness possible for these black deeds. Many of the elites keep vials of blood in their fridges. This practice is tied to the Occult, by an umbilical-cord that will later turn into a burning chain binding them ever tighter; for those who perpetrate this crime. For eternity they will see their victims face to face convicting them of this horror. Abortion is also tied to these satanic rites.

Connected to this great sin is a hypocrisy that pretends to be a normal, decent human being in the daylight, wearing a mask of family, and decency, for all the world to see. In the past this was practiced in darkness, in total secrecy, but soon they will tear off the mask and force you all to accept this, in the light of sun, on your front lawn.

But know this, one day I AM takes them off this world; they can not live forever in the body, I gave them. The one they have soiled, the spirit they have covered with the black marks and filth of their iniquities. They will all be judged. They can not live forever. They will answer for every thought, word, gesture, look, deed done against My Children, the Sons & Daughters of the Most High God!

One of the great practitioners of this monstrosity, a man who was considered a great husband, father, grand-father, leader, military man and beloved of the nation has just died, and been buried in great pomp and ceremony. He will spend eternity in the lowest part of Hell. Beware all you vampires, I AM Coming to destroy you! End.

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