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Who do they say I AM? – Angela García

Who do they say I AM?

June 13, 2023 7:25 AM
Angela García

Rcv’d 6/12 pray for discernment

The TRUTH shall set you free…John 8:31-32

Child write my words…Who do they say I AM?

Do they know their maker and creator? Do they seek my heart day and night? Do they know me?

Do they seek to commune? I tell you I know them not! They know me not! Why, Lord why?! Will be the cries of the land!!! Shall I hear when they know me not? Tell them now is the time to seek before devastation, seek me before your need me! My ways are higher, and I know the hearts. I AM slow to anger and quick to forgive my own! Repent NOW for the kingdom truly is at hand. It is no coincidence that the masses have awakened to my ways, and much more will awaken! The awakened will be my hands and feet! My end time Army will gather the grain for my purpose. Who has answered the call?! All will have eyes to see, and there will be no denying the truth and everlasting life. ♥️ My ways are higher and greater things will you do. My ways are not your ways! Amazing Grace, Amazing Grace!!!


Jesus the true Messiah

Yeshua the lover of your souls

The Great I AM how

Great I AM

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Matthew 16:13

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Jeremiah 29:13

Matthew 7:21

Isaiah 55:6, 55:8-9

James 1:19

Matthew 14:17

Luke 24:39


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