Sunday August 27, 2017

Daughter, write these words down.

My people, you have mocked My Son for far too long. I have been patient and long suffering with you. Everytime I have sent My Chosen, those whom I have called to deliver My messages, My warnings you have mocked, ignored and laughed. Do you not realize each time you have done this you heap fiery coals upon your own head for you are mocking Me, The Father of All Creation, The Master Builder, The Great I Am.

My tears flow but My anger is fueled. As you laughed, I will laugh at your calamity. Do you think I AM is altogether like you—one who does not keep His word? What I have said I would do I will do! Your fear will be so great that many will perish at this time.

My people, do you think you can go on testing Me? I DO NOT SERVE YOU! You were born to serve Me, to acknowledge Me, to honor Me, to reverence Me, to worship and praise Me for I am the one that gave you the blessings. It is why this was a prosperous nation at one time.

Now you are a cursed nation, a nation heading into the death spiral. My hand of protection is off you now. You will soon see how those who have tested Me, mocked Me, disobeyed Me fared in the end. I came as a Lamb to be slaughtered to prove My love for you so that you might be saved. What you fail to realize My people is that I AM is also a FIERCE WARRIOR KING and I have never lost a battle yet and never will.

Who will you run to when everything around you falls and crumbles? Who will give you the peace then that I have offered to you? What will you do when your own government and foreign soldiers take you into captivity and slay you? Will you continue to mock Me and test Me then?

My people, the wolves in sheep’s clothing control your government and even your churches. These charlatans taught you not to fear Me. If you had studied My Word instead of believing all the lies you would have known that I AM IS AN ALL CONSUMING FIRE!!! You have not studied to show yourselves approved.

You are about to witness such evil as never seen before and hearts will fail in the midst of all this. As I have had My Called Ones warn you that once My hand of protection is lifted off then lawlessness and all forms of evil take hold.

Judgments are beginning and soon you will no longer remember what America once was. You will be captives of the Master of Lies and he has come to kill and destroy.

Will you look for Me when everything you loved is gone? What will you do without all your idols? Who will save you? I AM will still be here to save only those that drop to their knees with a sorrowful heart and repent. The unrepentant will go to their home in the lake of fire.

Your lives are about to change forever. Are you ready for this? There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth from fear, much bloodshed.

I will not strive with you, My people, any longer. You have tested Me far too long and now I put My testing upon you. Who will endure until the end? Who will return to Me? You should have known better than to think you are in charge and that you will win this war in your spirits against Me. Your rebellion will cost you dearly!

I will now wipe this evil and wicked nation off the face of this earth and all those who continue in their wickedness and evils if you do not repent. As this nation will burn, so will your souls in eternal damnation. You are a disobedient, slothful, perverted peoples going to your demise.

I cannot look at your sin any longer. This nation will burn! Remember I have said that I would destroy by fire at the time of the end and not by water.

Playing games with Me are now over! Now comes testings, trials and tribulations like never before. Where will you stand? HaSatan and the demons tremble before Me yet you fear Me not! FOOLISH, FOOLISH, FOOLISH PEOPLE!!

With fear and trembling all knees will bow before Me and every tongue will confess that I am King of Kings.

I have nothing more to say My Daughter to this perverse and wicked generation.


Then Father added this:

To those who are doing My will at this time, the battle is on! Wear your armor; gird up your loins. Stand firm. Stay steadfast. I am with you! I will not leave you nor forsake you. It won’t be too much longer until you are home with Me. I love you. Bring the lost to Me My Children. Miraculous things await. Let your light shine that I have put in you during these days ahead.

Given to Ms. Sophie 8/27/2017 ending at 7:44 pm

He said tell them to read Daniel 9: 1-13, Ezekiel Chapter 5 and 6

(Put America where it says Israel in Daniel & Ezekiel)

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