who can stand against me my ways my plans? – Patti Young

can stand against me my ways my plans?

Jan 10, 2020 7:03 AM
Patti Young

The Lord said to me, he has Captains and
Generals, all authoritarians in his army. He
told me he has them all aligned and he alone
is the power and force. He said to me, who
can stand against me my ways my plans?
Come, come now mine enemies, see who
at my very will and command who will fall
all flesh that is but dust in the wind. What
authority do you have to govern my people
oh Babylon? Are you the Lord of Hosts? Do
you give power to the sun, the moon and the
rain? What authority and power dost thou
have against me and my name? For by name
alone, kingdoms are brought up and are
kingdoms brought down. Appear to me oh
man of sin, for I compel you to come stand
before these that are mine own, my army. Tell
me oh wicked one, shall thou prevail against
these that by my hand alone I have designed
and marked. Travail oh wicked ones of the
earth, for my army shall come forth as I have
purposed, whose power and might shall be
unlimited, whose authority is mine alone, AND

Patti Note:

I have been in my sick bed for a week and a half of course when your physical is weakened the spirit is all-powerful Satan told me that he's going to take my life he's going to strike me down it's been very very very hard but as usual God is faithful his presence has been with me all night long and these are the words he gave me first thing this morning❤🔥🙌🙌

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  1. KTLou

    God bless, strengthen and heal you this day. Let all His call forth His perfect will and purpose this day in your life. Rejoice, dear sister…for in your weakness His strength is made perfect. Praise His holy name! I decree He has given His mighty angels charge over you, in Jesus’s almighty name.

  2. Luca

    What a powerful word. Thank you for sharing. Again I’m wondering when is “NOW” (for God’s enemy to come). When will God call forth his army? The wait is sooo long, the suffering unbearable. Every single day of delay is such torture. I’m hoping God will call forth his army very very soon. God bless you all

  3. Luca

    I wanted to say every single day of delay is such a torment instead of torture

  4. Margaret Blake

    Blessings! and the strength of our Lord be with you Patti. In the name of Jesus be healed of every sickness, and be delivered from all infirmities. Shalom and GOD bless you.

  5. Maria P.

    Oh Patti I will pray for you I ask the Lord for healing, strength and peace…stand firm in His promises, they are TRUE!! He will never forsake you or leave you, he protects you under His wings…What a beautiful message…May God bless you and your family until the end!

  6. May The Lord Almighty have mercy and heal you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  7. Tim Wyman

    @Luca, and for all who will hear,

    The Lord HAS ALREADY called His Army forth! They HAVE YET to be REVEALED. Please, I implore you all, READ His word in the Spirit. This is all over His word.

    Look up the meaning of “apocalypse”; it is not what the vast majority of people think. What is “the mystery of God”? Why is the last book of the Bible called “Revelation”? When Jesus said “I come quickly”, do we not believe Him – as in, do we insinuate that He was a liar??? (God forbid, no!!) He was fully human, so He FULLY understood our concept of “length of time”. Who were the ones who rose up out of the graves, and were seen walking about the city?

    There are many, many other verses, but they must be understood spiritually. Paul wrote about this extensively.

    I pray for all.

    A brother

  8. Tim

    This is an addendum to a comment I made a few minutes ago – it has not posted yet, so I must go from memory.

    Anyway, note that Patti Young heard this word. I just finished reading ANOTHER word from her, which I’ve provided a link to here:

    It refers to exactly what I was writing about, just with slightly different words – He Himself being “hidden in the temple”. Please read BOTH words in the Spirit, and ask for His discernment.

    A brother.

  9. Tim

    This is yet another addendum. The Lord is revealing MANY details now – take heed!! Read this word from the Lord, through His servant Collins Ouma:

    Read what He reveals ABOUT the Two Witnesses. Do not believe ANYONE who claims to be one of the Two Witnesses. As I said earlier, His truth MUST be understood Spiritually.

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