WHO AM I? – Christina Lyn Leahz

Christina Lyn Leahz

Something I wrote several years ago that still brings tears to my eyes and glory to His name! Feel free to share!


©2012, Lyn Leahz

Your name is Elohei Elohim,

There is none like You throughout all the earth,

For You are All in All,

You are everything…

The wind does not blow against Your will,

The rain does not fall away from Your face,

Nothing is hidden from your sight.

I will not lie down to rest,

Without first seeking Your blessing,

and asking, “Have I pleased You, Lord?”

What if I slumber, and there was something I did not do?

When I awake, my lips shall give You praise,

For it is by Your mercy that breath enters and exits my nostrils,

It is by Your kindness that my heart continues beating,

And so it shall beat for none other than you, Adonai.

My eyes behold the beauty in Your brushstrokes,

The heavens painted with shades of sapphire,

The vast array of colors gently detailed throughout all of the earth,

And the sight of a newborn baby;

Your artwork can be witnessed everywhere.

Lord, I am nothing before You,

But a pile of earthen dust,

I was brought out of clay, dirt, and water,

Mixed together into mud.

And it was Your hands that sculpted my form,

And made me who I am,

I am unique and different, for I possess my own intricate puzzle,

The code man has called DNA.

My name is written upon Your palm,

And You have held me near when I was rejected,

You have gathered me together,

When I was scattered in the wilderness;

Carefully, Your fingers knit me together,

and made me better than I was;

You have reached out before my enemies,

When they laughed and mocked and scorned,

And You have made a spectacle of them as You held me on high.

I am forever Your humble servant,

Please do with me as You will;

I am honored to be Your child,

And I am brought low before Your throne.

Who are You?

I Am. Elohim. Adonai. El Shaddai. YHVH. Alpha. Omega. Beginning. End. Lord of Lords. King of Kings.

Who am I?

I am one small gust of air from within your lungs.

A speck of debris on the tip of Your finger.

I am nothing, but in You, I am so much.

I am Yours. I am a child of the King of Kings;

and a servant of the Lord of Lord’s.

Forever rejoicing, I am all Yours!

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