white intense flash, charred trees, NYC on fire – Lady Aribeth

white intense flash, charred trees, NYC on fire

March 25, 2020 3:34 AM
Lady Aribeth

Dream: March 25 2020

Seeing an intense white flash above us in the sky and all around us. (Us ….being my son, his girlfriend, simon and I.) Also…. the sky being clear and very blue, like in the summertime. I got the impression that this flash was some type of bomb of sorts. (Then the recollection of seeing this same white intense flash a few times , many years ago….in open visions.) This white intense flash over over my town and area. It was massive!. I then remember walking home one time a few years back and getting a quick vision of a very bright white flash in front of me coming down from the sky.

Anyways, back to this strange dram…during that timeframe I got the impression that we were in some sort of lockdown scenario since we were all inside the house together and in one bedroom infact. Important to note here, this house is 3 story and we are on the first floor inside and that there are many wooden steps that lead up to the first floor and to the second floor in the back of the house. And that the steps turn the corner when going up to the second floor outside, and in the back of the house. It’s also a very old style house.

Next ,seeing burned up charred trees along the waterfront on the river in my town. These trees were tall and not so bushy, but reminded me of young trees along the river bank. At that time too water from the river had flooded its banks and flooded part of the town .

Then a recollection of a massive white flash, and many parts of the city being on fire. My son and I hid underwater at the municipal pool outside at that time. After the flash, my son and I went looking for survivors among the streets but they were very few people saved. Just a lot of partially burning buildings and houses. Also, when my son and I were underwater in the pool. Sheets of corrugated silver metal/aluminum fell down from the building roof over us and into the pool. So there was a bit of danger there about getting hit the the metal sheets from above us.

This dream was very weird overall. It was like a rehashing of several old visions from some 10 years ago, or more…. but with some new information with it. In the dream, where it goes back to the first scene…. or the first part of the dream, where everyone was inside the one room in the house and it being a very bright sunny day, lots of blue sky when the intense flash happened. Everyone died, even me but it was so quick and sudden, we didn’t feel any pain at all. I also got the dream was in summertime and the whole town was in lockdown of sorts for all the people were inside their homes and not in the streets. My son and I din’t see any people coming out of their homes and onto the streets till after the building were on fire, and these people of different ages, were very few. So in one part of the dream ,my son and I survive and start looking and helping other people, but then the next minute my son and I aare in the house with a few people in one room and we die???!!! Very strange and so hard to interpret what it means.

Ok, this is very weird…a very strong impression that this somehow deals with new york city. Very strong but I don’t know why it is so.


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