Which Side Will You Be? – Brian Ethier

Which Side Will You Be?

Nov 26, 2019 4:01 PM
Brian Ethier

Day by day the battle intensifies between darkness and light
Will you boldly stand up for right, are you now ready to fight
Will you pass the test or be lost out at sea
Decide now My child which side you will be.

CH: Will you be golden as wheat or be rejected as tare
Be counted with the sheep or as a goat will you fare
Time is now a fleeting so you must really hurry
Decide now My child which side you will be.

I, Father Yahuah your Creator has given free will to all
Will you be a disciple for truth or to lies will you fall
Choose one, the enemy of your soul or obey The Almighty
Decide now My child which side you will be.

In happiness will you partake or be left outside the gate
For it is an eternal destiny, final will be your fate
Do you prefer the lake of fire or a crown of glory
Decide now My child which side you will be.


Decide now My child, decide now My child, decide now My child
Which side you will be!


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  1. Ruth Johnson

    Oh, my Lord! A NEW SONG!!! Thank you! That is so beautiful! Which side will you be? Thank you, Brian. Funny thing, we have 5 sheep and one is named Brian! Sorry if that offends you, hope not! Then there is Mama Sheep, Daddy Sheep, and the twins, Jacob and Esau! Brian is the only one with no horns. We have 4 goats, too, way different from sheep! Sheep are mellow, goats demanding!
    Thank you again. I thought “Plowing” would make a good song, kind of gospel, but I am not a musician, just words. It would be great if someone did it! Jubals, where are you!?!

  2. Brian Ethier

    Ruth, I have started a song just for you. I have the title and the chorus and will continue if you like it.

    Title: I’ll Keep On Tilling With The Plow


    So the seeds may grow and produce a harvest of plenty,
    I’ll stand unmoved on Your firm ground while praising You daily,
    I’ll keep on working diligently, never looking back from now,
    For Your Kingdom O Yahuah I’ll keep on tilling with the plow.

    I’ve been practicing on my first guitar. It’s only been 6 days and know 9 guitar chords so far.
    I have written down every single one of your poems so you have a great fan from Canada.

  3. Ruth Johnson

    Wow! That is beautiful! I am learning the guitar but have trouble with chords! I have been collecting instruments to start up a garage band when all this is done, if there is a garage left! I have a violin, a cello, a Brazilian wood xylophone, a harp, four guitars, a standing bass, keyboard, banjo, Kentucky mandolin, acoustic bass, a drum set and an oboe on the way! You have a friend in Hawaii, love Canada I was raised in Washington! Our Lord loves music, understand angels pretty much sing all the time, we should be also! Daddy Sheep wants to hear the oboe, I am pretty convinced that is what David played for his sheep but of course not certain! Love you!

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