Which master do you serve ? Where do you want to spend eternity? – Tess Ann Macallister

Tess Ann Macallister


Which master do you serve ? Where do you want to spend eternity ?

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Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today .?

Yes daughter I do. I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. It is I the Lord Jesus that speaks to you this day. This is Yahushua Hamasiach speaking. Daughter deliver this message to my people. My people I address you today with an extremely important question. Which master are you serving and where do you want to spend eternity ?. Heaven or Hell? Me or Satan ? Children think on this seriously. My word clearly states you cannot serve both me and mammon. This is a season of repentance and harvest but also you must examine yourselves and get right with me time is running out quickly. You will not be on Earth forever. You either serve me and my kingdom or the enemy and the world. Choosing this world over me will cost you eternity in hell!!! I do not want any to perish but I give each of my children the free will to choose. I desire all to repent to have eternal life. I am a God full of grace mercy compassion love and truth. but I am also Holy and I expect my children to be holy. Children where do you want to spend eternity ? With me or in everlasting torment with my enemy he seeks your destruction and for you to be condemned. Repent today you may not be here tomorrow. My children choose this day whom ye shall serve. I hope you choose me!! I love you my children- YAHUSHUA king of kings

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