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Whether they will hear or forbear – Anonymous

Whether they will hear or forbear

February 9, 2020  3:49 PM

How many of God’s servants must you hear the same warning message from before you will believe AND TAKE ACTION?

“My people are dull of hearing.  I would that it were not so.  I grieve over the loss of life, and many of my own shall fall, missing their opportunity and calling to bring millions of souls unto me, because they chose death through faithless inaction rather than a life of showing their faith by their works.  I grieve, I weep for them. The times of great sorrow and sadness ate upon the earth, and most of my church is fast asleep in filthy, spotted garments of flesh and rags of self righteousness, unwashed, unclean, unrepentant, unloving, hardened, blind and deceived.  They proudly display their empty oil lamps before all, not caring that I am the light of the world, and they are vessels that are to be filled with the fuel and power of my holy presense in spirit.  Lost souls in darkness are drawn to the light, not the lamp, like a moth to the flame.  These oil-less virgins cannot see the footpath I have set before them.  They hold the form of godliness- marginally, but they deny me my rightful place upon the throne of their hearts.  Instead of seeking my glory manifest upon the earth, they seek the things of this world and practice every abomination that my people Israel of old did and more and worse.  They know my name, they know my salvation gift, but they don’t know me and don’t care. 

Oh how my heart breaks for the needless suffering my children choose.  Many will realize too late that they are luke warm when I spew them out of my mouth, into the great tribulation where they will be hunted like animals and starved for my name’s sake.  I will welcome them into my loving arms as martyrs, but it didn’t have to be so.  My word is clear: I am coming soon to snatch away a bride who has made herself ready.  My heart is sorrowful that most have made choices to seek the broken promises and tarnished prizes of the god of this world instead of my eternal rewards.  Did I not demonstrate after 40 days of prayer and fasting that even extreme hunger and self denial is better than all of the riches of this world and glory there-of?  My people deny me and my eternal word rather than denying themselves to spend just one hour alert, watching and praying with me for their own benefit and for the souls of others as this world slips ever deeper into gross darkness and rebellion.  And my people love it so, thus they have fallen into great deception. 

My judgments will awaken many, for just as this man-made plague of death will spread throughout the earth, so will my faithful ones preach my glad message to the uttermost parts of the earth- of redemption from sin’s bitter price, and the sting of death, hell and the grave that I conquered for them with my obedience unto death by the shedding of my own blood on the cross at Calvary, even willing to spend eternity in the lake of fire with the devil and his angels that those who believe would not perish with me but would spend it eternity with my father in my rightful place. 

Repent of your wrong doings.  Repent of the hardness of your heart that prevents you from receiving from me and hearing my voice.  If darkness obeys me and becomes light, surely I can speak with utmost clarity to my children and they can hear and understand IF they choose to.  Alas, most do not.  Instead they are attuned to the siren’s song of sin that separates them from me. 

I grieve that millions upon millions have chosen to live and die in an adulterous relationship with sin, while claiming to be mine.  They know me in name only, hence many will be shocked on the day of judgment when I say to them, “Depart from me, you worker of iniquity!  I never knew YOU!” 

Perilous times are upon you, my people.  Follow my leading and direction on the narrow path that leads to life eternal, for broad is the pathway that leads to destruction and many shall enter eternity on that path.  Do not be deceived, for I, the Lord your God am not mocked.  That which you sow and devote yourself to, that shall you also reap.  That includes the consequences of loving the profits of loving death when you create weapons of so-called “mass destruction.”  You shall now taste the bitter fruit of these evil things that are not inspired by me, but inspired by sin.  Did I not command my creation to love one another even as I have loved you?  How can you justify filling my earth with means and methods of wiping out my creation? 

Repent. Rend your hearts and not your garments.  Call a solomn convocation of the assembly and come before me in sack cloth and ashes with fasting and tears.  For the earth is mine, and the fullness there-of, and it shall be filled with my glory after I purge it of sin, iniquity and rebellion with the heat of my coming wrath.  Allow me the opportunity to cleanse you, my people.  Surrender your love for this fallen world and return unto me with all of your heart, for I love you with a pure, holy and everlasting love, and I desire for you to spend eternity with me. 

Be holy, for I am holy.  Be faithful to me unto death and I shall reward you with a crown of life that never fades away, saith Jesus, Lord, God Almighty, alpha and omega, beginning and end, savior, redeemer, healer, KING of Kings, LORD of Lords, judge, creator, sovereign ruler and tender hearted lover of your soul, man and God who has paid the price that I might have you for myself and that you might have me in all of my glory for your own.


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