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Where Your Soul Goes Upon Death

September 20, 2023 10:33 AM


Life is filled with complications, problems, directions we must take, decisions we must make. Sometimes it is hard to know what we should do, where we should go and things we should accomplish.

As we reach the end of the spool, it is time to think about the soul and where it goes at death.
Some believe it goes nowhere and how you don’t remember before your birth, the same it will be upon your death. Others believe there is only a Heaven and Hell does not exist. So, by process of elimination, they will go to Heaven. Then there is the group that believes there is a Heaven and a Hell. This is the group that knows the truth.
Heaven is for those who have addressed their sins and washed themselves in light. They are not perfect, but they strive to be. They know I Am, their creator and give me honor.

Then you have those who boast they are going to Hell and all their friends will be there and it will be a huge party, all the time. This group hasn’t counted on there is no socialization in Hell. It is a prison of your own torment. Whatever plagued you on Earth will be exacerbated and enhanced and made into a torture, rather than the joy you had from that sin, on Earth.

Hell has many compartments that are expansive, hot, smelly, and rancid. They extend as far as the eye can see. Each sin is categorized and compartmentalized to bring you to your final destination. The torture, both mental and physical is endless. But the worst part is, there is no way out, this goes on forever. There is no escape, no pardon, no reprieve. This will be your fate forever. Many say, “No God would put me in a place like this”, but the truth is he doesn’t. It is YOU who puts you in a place like this.

Your actions, your faith, your love for others, your integrity, your righteousness are all factors in where you will wind up upon your death. You will be the only one to blame, not God.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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