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Where Is The Sun? – Anonymous

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Where Is The Sun?

September 24, 2023 11:32 AM

I had a dream on 9/23 of this year. This dream was very detailed and does show some personal message for me and other messages that I feel I need to share.

I did ask the Lord if he wants me to share this dream with others and the next day I have received a message on my clock showing 4:44am and another device that I use for medical with the same numbers 4:44 (this was not a clock).

The dream begins with me in Long Island, ny. I remember seeing my parents home across the street and for some reason I was in the neighbor house (never met them before or been inside). I remember seeing their living room clear as day where the layout of each furniture piece and entry points can be recalled.

I was approached by a lady (mid-age) with two younger daughters (teenagers). As we started to have A conversation, I was prompted to step outside of this home. At first, I notice the sky towards the east was dark and black as nite (think exploring a cave and your light goes out). This darkness reach to almost towards the middle of the sky (say 10-11 o’clock degrees). On to my west I have seen darkness fast approaching and overcoming daylight. The same darkness as to the east (say 1-2 o’clock degrees). I remember asking myself where is the sun ? the sun should be on my west, but no sun. In the middle of the sky was daylight still.

I went inside to grab the girls to be my witness on what I am seeing and they too seen the same. The mother came out asking what is happening and I told her what we are seeing. The scene changes in the sky where the darkness towards the west was changing colors (purple and lights) as the northern lights where being seen with strange lights never seen or expected before. I heard a voice clear as day where you have a 1 hour and 45 mins left (not sure how to tell time in a dream, but do know time is really short).

We all went inside the home and I have received a call from a caller who’s id did show either trucking truck or truck trucking (can’t remember the order) where a familiar voice has said your two homes will be attacked.

Then in the living room I started to see persons heavily armed that where looking for a target, but nobody was home.

This is not the first time seeing darkness onto the east. I do remember a few months ago, I have seen darkness in the east and was told not to go back to your home and collect your stuff. As there is no time left.

I say take it to the Lord for confirmation and understanding.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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