Where Is The Song Of Praise In The Day Of Trouble? – Jeanette

Where Is The Song Of Praise In The Day Of Trouble? – Jeanette

June 6, 2018

My children, why do look this way and that for safety? Trust Me. I am your shelter and your safety. You are blinded by the world and the ways of the world. You have fashioned an image of me that is of your own fantasy. Repent!

I am the Almighty. I discipline and test those I love. You seek to avoid all suffering. You do not remember that I suffered in the flesh. You are to have the same way of thinking. You confuse discomfort with wrath. I did not appoint you to wrath, but I have not promised you will not have suffering on the earth. Indeed, I have told you, the one who endures to the end will be saved.

Where is your song of praise when you have discomfort? Why do you only sing to Me when you are full? I tell you, famine is coming and indeed many have already seen famine.

You soak up the words that tickle your ears. You seek gain and your pockets are heavy with your greed. How can you run the race I have set before you when you are weighed down with selfish gain?

Fear Me. Trust Me. Where is the one who will carry My Gospel in faith? The righteous live by faith. Where is the one who will carry My Gospel with courage? Have I not told you I will be with you to the end of the age?

You say, ‘judgment is coming but there is still time to hide.’ I tell you, judgements began. Do you think you are better than those who were covered in ash yesterday? Repent, oh arrogant ones.
Yet, I have some who are humble before Me. I hear your song of thanksgiving. I hear your joy in Me.

Many I warned, and you did not listen. I called to you, and you did not turn to Me.
In a moment what you see today will be changed. In a moment, what you cling to will be taken away. Cling to Me! I remain.

You in the pulpit, are you too lofty for My word? Why do you discard My teaching and trade My word for that which amuses? My word trains in righteousness. Books, books. Noise, noise. Be still and know that I am God.

You say the things you see are ‘precursors’ because they did not touch you. Yet, you do not see those who were touched by these calamities. Are you better than those?

The kings plot and you applaud. Oh, foolish children. Do you not see what is coming? Do you not see where these kings will end? I have told you. Treasure My word. A day is coming, oh complacent ones, when you will not have My word so easily in your hands. Keep it in your heart where no man can take it away.

Great shaking. War. Fire from the deep. Fire from the air. The sea will continue to roar. Pestilence and withered plants. Barren ground. Where will you hide? Will your riches hide you? I tell you, hide in Me until My furry passes.

5 Awake, you drunkards, and weep,
and wail, all you drinkers of wine,
because of the sweet wine,
for it is cut off from your mouth.
6 For a nation has come up against my land,
powerful and beyond number;
its teeth are lions’ teeth,
and it has the fangs of a lioness.
7 It has laid waste my vine
and splintered my fig tree;
it has stripped off their bark and thrown it down;
their branches are made white. (Joel 1:5-7)


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