Where Eternal Security is Found – Cheryl Adama

Where Eternal Security is Found

Aug 23, 2019
Cheryl Adama

Eternal Life is found in My Son.  It is not something one gets, after they die and leave this world.  It is not a reward of one’s good works.  It comes not because one believes they will receive it no matter how much faith they have in it.  Eternal life is not a concept, or a dimension – it is beyond this world and its understanding of it.  It is alive, in fact one has not experienced this life, though they may have been born, breath and walk and live –  Every aspect of Eternal Life is vibrant and moving and ecstatically alive.  It is a power and energy.  I give all who would look to My Son, to be their life – Eternal Life.  They who take what I give will walk in Eternal Life, through My Son.   To be eternally secure is not by merely believing in My Son, it is about partaking in Him and this is where there is great separation between those who believe and from those who believe and follow.  Following is action to what one believes.  As long as one follows My Son, in what He has spoken and taught and what He has provided – these ones are eternally secure.  But this is not a guarantee – like most have been made to believe, for to be eternally secure is not concrete – but more fluid, where like running water is no longer running water if it remains in one place and will be at risk to become stagnant and filled with algae and draw insects to breed and what was once healthy and thirst quenching will become sickly and filled with disease and a danger.  So is anyone who stops or turns back in following in My Son’s Life.  Man has taken what is true and cut it up and devised his own story – and so you have great debate on who is eternally secure.  It cannot be explained by any verse or even by doctrines that have been formed.  When anyone who desires to walk in the ways of God, with all their heart, mind and soul – they will receive from Me in their Spirit what is true.  One must always seek Me for the truth – and be diligent to find it to walk in it.  When I see this, I give to all who do, the truth.  Eternal Life is not something one simply believes in.  It is when one looks to and believes My Son – and who yields his life to walk in My ways, in My Son.  Only the Spirit can teach what this means and why so many do not understand such truth – and so they create their own ‘truth’.  You are as eternally secure – as you are In My Son.  When you are not in My Son, you are at risk to become stagnant and be filled with disease and certain pests.  Look at any standing water and you will see how the mosquito has occupied it to breed its kind.  It is the same with all – anyone who stops walking in My Son, to walk in their own ways – will find themselves at risk, and they no longer remain eternally secure.  It is I who weighs the heart of any and all.  One cannot say this one or that one is damned – it is I who knows all and who extends mercy upon who I will.  Though I say this, that one who continues to remain not in the running water of My Son, are no longer in eternally secure – for this is ONLY found in Him.  Who understands the depths of God?  They are past understanding!  Though understand the fear of not being found in My Son!  For you play with your eternity, if you choose to continue to walk in the ways of sin, self and Satan – I talk to those who profess to believe and follow Him!  Do not be deceived for I am not mocked – what a man sows, will be what he will reap!  Sow into the flesh and you will reap sin and death!  For understand that the wages of sin is death.  Sow into the Spirit and reap life eternal.  Yesterday, is forgiven for all who walk humbly and honestly before Me and know what repentance is. Today is where one must choose who you will serve.  You are a slave to who it is you obey and will be mastered by what you yield to.  Tomorrow may never come for you, so it is today that one must always choose to serve and follow their God.   Seek always to live rightly – in My Son today, that you may be found in Him if this day be your last.

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