Where are My Worshipers? – Cheryl Adama

Cheryl Adama

December 31, 2018

Where are My Worshipers?

Where are My worshipers? Is it not those who approach Me in Spirit and in Truth? I call for this kind of worship and will settle for no less! What is this I see? A people who worship according to who they desire and feel. They have leaders who will bring them in an atmosphere of ‘praise and worship’ and this they consider worship to Me! They are drawn by the music for it pleases their ears and soothes their mind and heart. Some go here and go there according to the ‘worship’ music that is played. Then there are those who consider the celebration of days and feasts as acts of worship. I do not receive this, nor do I take delight in any of it. For this kind of worship is rooted in the world and in the flesh and I do seek after this. My way is not of the world or even what the world can understand. I do not join in with the world – ever, yet many reason in their minds that because they are worshiping Me and that they are sincere that I will receive this from them. I did not make worship for man. Worship is what I require FROM man, MY way – for Me. I do not have anything to do with this for I detest it. Satan has sowed into far too many so they would worship him, though they think they worship Me. He is the pied piper, the expert on this for this was his position before he fell so he can and does mislead many. He has always wanted worship, and he receives it through ones who are easily led. Ignorance and laziness of those who do not seek after Me with true hearts will lead them into his hands. Many are lured into the traps he lays because they do not seek Me with all their heart. I come to fill all who seek Me in truth so they may worship Me in Spirit and in truth. What happens is many are filled not with Me but with a counterfeit who will mimic Me. This counterfeit is growing in strength and his spell is cast over the masses. They follow emotional highs that they are given and think they ‘feel’ Me. Those who are true in their worship to Me will worship Me in the secret places. They have built alters for Me that no man can know or see, that I receive in joy. They need not any prop, nor days that have been marked on calendars to ‘celebrate’ Me. They do not seek for the best musical lyrics and beats or old hymns to be counted as their worship. The lives they live are what they give to Me for their worship. This is what I look for, this is what I seek and take delight in.

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