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When Your Soul is Ready, You Will Mirror Me

July 13, 2023 10:44 AM


Many of my children have had a long journey, to get where they are today. They have worked on their bad habits, their demeanor, their countenance and their love for others. They have spent a great deal of time learning of me and my Kingdom, telling others about me, and reading my word. These are the children of mine that are mirror reflections of me.

They have readied themselves for battle, they are ready to save souls and they know, right over wrong. They do not faulter, they rarely slip up, but when they do, they repent.

What started many years ago (when you totally started waking up), has come to fruition. The battles are being laid out, the strategies are flawless, and my army will take its place.

I Am your commander and chief and you will mirror me to raise the dead, heal the broken hearted, heal the lame, cast out demons and bring many to salvation. My army is ready for a battle of a lifetime!


Each of my children know who I Am. They read my word; they memorize parts of my word. Not only do they hear, but they implement what has been digested into their souls. They become like I Am and emulate who I was when on Earth. They know far more than the once-a-week child who doesn’t have time for me during the week. They can feel my pain, my sorrow and know when I Am with them. They work in faith. Most cannot see me, but know I Am there. They are happy to spend time with me and are elated that they can help my Kingdom in various ways. Some have money, and some don’t. Some give to the Kingdom in their time and efforts to help others. Some help others financially. Either way, they contribute the way they can. My chosen are special in many ways. They chose to get ready; they chose me over other activities; they carved out time in their schedules to hear from me.

These are my Army. These will be the victors, because they already are!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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