When you are naked before the LORD, that is when He can use you! – Katie Troutman

When you are naked before the LORD, that is when He can use you!

8/12/19 at 4:02 PM
Katie Troutman

I woke up twenty three years ago, early on a Sunday morning , from a dream with my alarm clock going off.

I dreamed that I was in a school auditorium. There were large windows that ran the length of one entire wall in the auditorium. The Windows went from floor to almost ceiling.

You could see the entire sky outside.
It was dark and gloomy looking.
The sky was black and purplish.
I was standing on the platform with a microphone in my hand looking out the window. Three funnel clouds, like black tornados were swirling outside.

I started asking people if they wanted to get saved . I led them in a sinners prayer.

After we prayed I started jumping up and down rejoicing and shouting very loudly in the microphone. “ The storm can’t touch you now ! HALLELUAH! ” HALLELUAH!

I said over and over again , “ You’re safe the storm can’t touch you . Praise the Lord ! You are safe from the storm now! HALLELUAH !”

Then I put the microphone by my side and turned to walk off the platform…. in my underwear. I looked at myself embarrassed and I woke up to my alarm wondering why I was in my underwear preaching.

I knew the dream was from God but I could not understand the underwear part.

I was a young mom and had been saved a few years at that point.

I got up and asked , ” God, I know that was from you but why was I in my underwear? “

Went on to get the kids ready for church and fed them breakfast, got them dressed and their hair fixed. Then as I had gotten out of the shower and was getting dressed.. I was in front of the mirror and I remembered the dream and thought about it some more puzzled as to why I was naked on stage.

I went to put on my hose and they had a run in them . I had to go a different direction to church that morning so I could stop by the store.

After I left the store and was on the road again.. also running late. I saw a sign in front of a church and it said ,
When you are naked before the. LORD. that is when He can use you!

I thought. OH MY GOSH! Thank you Lord for explaining that to me . Now it makes sense.

So, we got into church and had missed praise and worship. We sat down and then the preacher said the same exact thing.

So, I knew God was speaking to me.

At the time I thought it was just a personal dream and I sure had alot to go through and learn at that point.

Years , I definitely would not want to repeat for sure.

I was coming out of a life of abuse and many, many hardships and rough patches lay ahead for us.

Through it all. I learned the lesson of the dream . It took many years to learn but when I did I was put into ministry in a church and was an evangelist in a couple counties. I also wrote for a. Christian. Magazine called Faith and. FAMILY.
I was put on the radio and interviewed concerning my testimony and it all happened basically overnight but after many long years in the. wilderness.

God had to teach me that I am nothing without Him. That what I think or my opinion doesn’t really matter. Not in a negative or abusive manner/ way. But in a face to the ground , on my knees. You are God ALONE kind of way.

It’s about Him and ONLY HIM. It’s not what I want or even what I think I may need in life.

– But for me it was about the hardcore lessons found in the book of Job and the wisdom found in the book of Ecclisiastes.

I was broken, lost everything in my life.
Wounded, had an abuser attempt to kill me.
Cut open from head to toe. I had a severed nerve in my left leg from the cut that left me with no feeling in my leg. I could go on and on at how my life didn’t go as you would desire your life to go.

I wanted to die. There were many years of tremendous grief but through it all He was there for me. He was my friend, my very best friend and He was my father. He held me when I had. No one there and he carried me through the fire ! He truly did.

I learned the lesson of My dream right before the storms rolled in. Right before it was time to learn that we live in the end of times.

I learned to be open. He is glorified in an open book. When you admit you are nothing and He is everything.

When you don’t try to hide and act like you’re perfect because you’re in ministry but just the opposite. You are open and naked before Him and all the people you encounter so that He can use you because you have no pride because you know you’re nothing without Him. He gives me breath but I am mere dust.
It’s an agenda for Him for one purpose and that’s saving souls from Hell. Healing the sick, delivering tormented people and declaring the name that is above EVERY name… JESUS!

I realized that this dream is important to share because there are lots of hurting people in the world that need HOPE.
HOPE for what’s to come but also for right now.
Lots of people put a smile on their face and hide the tears and pain behind it.

The people God showed me in that dream all those years ago were desperate for him because a huge storm was brewing outside and they wanted safety.
We need safety from the storm that’s coming and it’s only found in JESUS CHRIST.

He is the way the truth and the Life.
He will protect us even in our suffering.
He will be there right beside us because He is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Amen! He is our rock and our MIGHTY FORTRESS IN WHOM WE TRUST!




I want to tell you that the storm can’t touch you if you are saved and washed in His blood.
We May suffer for a night but His joy comes in the morning.

No matter where you are or what you are going through just love Him and SEEK to live a holy life that is pleasing to him. Just talk to Him about everything and create a new habit in your life.
Draw close to HIM. For He is a rewarder of those who diligently SEEK Him!

Stand naked before him. No holes barred, just as you are and come to a loving father who knows your sins and wants to heal and deliver you from each one.

There IS nothing that can separate you from His love and care .

The storm can’t touch us now!!
HALLELUAH to the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

In His Love,


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  1. Kathreen Margaret

    Thank you, Katie! We appreciate you!


  2. Davide

    Thank you!

  3. Birdeee

    Katie, thank you for sharing your testimony and a convicting and encouraging word this morning…Satan wants to destroy us and he will use whoever lets him, to do his bidding….However, we have a Holy Loving Faithful Heavenly Father who authors The Master Plan who will use everything good and bad to shape us into a beautiful unique image of His Son Jesus Christ if we let Him….I think of each trial and pain as a “cut” (John 15 Father is Gardener) if you have been “cut” much in life think of How beautifully the glory of God abides in you as you trust in Him. As your sister I send you hugs in the Spirit as I can also relate to being abused, but now we know that God will deal in His perfect justice those who have hurt us, and we are victorious and have a special place in our LORD’s heart as all God’s children do, He loves each of us preciously and uniquely. the LORD continues to fashion us, grow us deeper in His Love and Truth every day
    May you Katie and all here be rooted and grounded in the Love of God that you may know how wide and high and long and deep God’s love for you truly is, so great that it surpasses knowledge…may we meditate on His Love and behold His face as He beholds us! 🙂 Eph. 3:17-21, Psalm 27:8

  4. Birdee

    Dear Katie, I posted here a minute ago but it disappeared….
    wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your testimony and this word
    which will bless all who hear….
    Your testimony reminded me of these 3 Scriptures:
    Eph. 3:17-21
    Psalm 27, especially that He says to us, Seek My Face
    John 15 Father God is the Gardener and Jesus the Vine we the braches
    He prunes us in this life to make us more fruitful…
    The Glory of the LORD shall be seen in your life Katie because you know Him and trust in Him, every wound you have experienced in life, He heals, yet His Love and Truth shall pour forth from that place…
    Sending Love and Blessings in Jesus Name amen! 🙂

  5. Katie

    Thank you , so very much Birdee and Kathreen.
    Your encouragement , kindness and love means more than you know !

    Bless you today ❤

  6. Rita

    I had a dream a few years ago of a Worship leader I know. In my dream this lady and another man were about to climb up some kind of steel structure that went straight up. The man went first then the lady Worship leader followed after him. He was carrying a bucket of something. When he arrived at the top, he threw this greenish gooey substance on her. She came back down and was standing in her underwear facing me. End of dream

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