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When Judgments Fall Millions Will Die- Repent! Hell is Real, Get Saved! – Monique Bizet

When Judgments Fall Millions Will Die- Repent! Hell is Real, Get Saved!


Many Blessings,
sister Monique

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hi Saints today I want to share a word
with you that the Lord put in my heart a
word of repentance a serious word to
call us back to the Lord
back to our first love and a serious
word to come back to him and seek Him
and get in the word so Thank You
Heavenly Father for bringing us together
lord I ask that you bless your people
Lord that you will bring understanding
that you open up the eyes of our
understanding father God that you will
touch the hearts of all your precious
loving daughters and sons father God and
that you will bring us into the destiny
that you have appointed for us that you
will open doors father God that are
according to your will father God that
we will walk into our destinies that you
have appointed for us in the name of
Jesus Christ father God thank you lord
and so the word that I have today it’s
basically the Lord said and again this
is hard to say but many judgments are
coming and these judgments when they
fall millions of people are going to die
millions of people are going to lose
their lives and millions of people are
going to lose their lives without
meeting Christ without repenting without
accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as their
Savior they’re gonna go to hell because
they denied the Living God they denied
the Lord Jesus Christ and they did not
accept him as their Savior and so this
is a call of warning that the Lord
insisted that I put this out for us to
to share these messages for us to
witness to others for us to let others
know for us to to try to wake up even
though sets that are around us Thank You
Heavenly Father so there was just I was
in prayer and it was just as Earth
heaviness if you will in the spirit and
the Lord said that that there’s
judgments that are gonna fall where
millions of people are gonna die and
again many are gonna fall into their
eternal destinations in hell because
they did not receive the word of the
Lord and so I just shared folks in the
last month two very powerful visions
that the Lord gave me about he’ll they
were very very powerful every time I
relived them I I it’s it’s very strong
for me I go through a lot of stuff but I
just the Lord keeps saying you know
share it let people know how real hell
is again I was I was in in one vision I
was allowed to see the lake of fire I
was allowed to see the torments of
people I was allowed to see the the
immense pain torment and agony that
people are in melting in the lake of
I saw people losing parts losing their
everything being melted I saw their I
heard the screams the agonizing screams
that are unbearable to hear but they
have to keep hearing them constantly
non-stop forever and ever and ever and
they burn forever and ever and ever I
knew things in Hell you have knowledge
you have understanding you know what you
did there was a lot of regret a lot of
words of of regret of why didn’t I and
why didn’t I listen while I had a chance
why didn’t I I repent while I had a
chance why didn’t I listen to so and so
when they told me about the Lord and so
people you have to tell others the
reality of Hell you have to tell others
about the gospel of Jesus Christ we have
to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus
Christ Thank You Heavenly Father we try
to wake up
that are asleep even in the very church
there’s a lot of people that are asleep
in the very body of Christ and so the
other that was just one vision and I’m
summarizing a lot but the other one I
like I said I closed my eyes I
immediately was falling into the pit of
hell immediately I cannot express with
words how real it is when you pass this
life and you go into eternity I cannot
express enough the the the height that
how acute your senses are how you feel
everything more than you ever did on
earth how you see here understand can
can smell every all your senses are
magnifying augmented by thousands of
exponentially and and you can see feel
hear everything that is happening to you
that you’re going through and people
have no hope I saw the desperation I saw
the desperation I saw people falling in
the pit with me and falling I saw their
faces I saw their faces of horror
I saw them melting I felt their flames
burning my arms I felt the heat in my
body I felt that I felt that I lived it
I’m telling you it is the most horrific
the most horrific and most intense thing
that that I’ve ever gone through and
people are not listening people are not
hearing these messages and I’m telling
you I pray the Lord they are there their
eyes will be opened and that they will
listen and heat to these warnings so
many brothers and sisters out there are
sharing warnings for us to wake up the
judgments are coming that hell is real
other people that have had experiences
and that I’ve gone through very severe
things and that the Lord has allowed it
so that they would bring back the word
to others
I the Lord allowed me to aside burnt and
the vision and all my arms I that didn’t
only feel it and the and the vision
itself when I woke up the next morning
the Lord allowed me to feel my arms
burning still so that I would know that
it was real he wanted me to know that
this was very real it was very
disturbing very horrifying and I have to
tell it so that others will wake up so
that others will wake up from their
slumber so that others will not be in
their lukewarm states there no they will
stop playing in church having one foot
in the world and one in the church
people I’m telling you stop wasting your
time stop wasting your time stop wasting
your life the Lord loves you and adores
you have precious plans for your life
and they all are involved with advancing
the kingdom of God not about our flesh
map for us to to preach the gospel to
get rich off of the Word of God it’s not
about us being successful it’s not about
us it’s about us denying ourselves
carrying our cross dying to self and
following him it’s about us being humble
it’s about us taking the word of truth
without twisting it and carrying it
forth folks this is so so real and so
serious I know a lot of churches are not
preaching the truth and and it’s a
disgrace there’s a lot of harlotry
idolatry adultery in the very large
craft in the church a lot of witchcraft
Thank You Heavenly Father and the word
of truth is being trampled on the blood
of the Living God and thank you
wonderful Jesus think your heavenly
father we gotta get this we gotta get
how serious this is
thank you lord I pray the Lord touches
you and blesses you I pray that the Lord
is using you out there to preach the
truth and to carry the truth for
to share these messages with others so
that others will be awaken and wake up
from their slumber weight to
righteousness thank you Lord so the Lord
was saying forsake the world and all the
vanities in the world be not of the
world be separated unto him okay
Thank You Heavenly Father we must be
about our first love our first love has
to be in our heart and that’s Jesus
price we have to be born again a spirit
filled with the fear of the Lord and and
and give our hearts and he jesus christ
has to be sitting in our altar the altar
of our hearts thank you lord
again the sins of this nation have
reached the nostrils of the Most High
this is not the first time we’ve heard
these words because the sense of this
nation nation have risen to the nostrils
of the Lord if we go to Revelation say
teen if you want to go there with me
talks about the fall of Babylon this is
an after these 18:1 after these things I
saw another angel come down from heaven
having great power and the earth was
lightened with his glory and he cried
mightily with a strong voice saying
Babylon the Great is fallen is fallen
and has become the habitation of devils
and the hold of every foul spirit and a
cage of every unclean and hateful bird
but for all the nations have drunk of
the wine of the wrath of her fornication
and the kings of the earth have
committed fornication with her and the
merchants of the earth are waxed rich
through the abundance of her delicacies
and I heard another voice from heaven
saying come out of her my people that ye
be not partakers of her sins and that ye
receive not of her place and the Lord is
telling us to come out of the the
worldliness to come out of all the the
sins and all the idolatry that
and our lifestyles of the world that we
are living that we are separated unto
him and to live holy it’s very important
for sins have reached unto heaven and
God has remembered her iniquities reward
her even as she rewarded you and double
unto her double according to her works
in the cup of which she has filled fill
to her double how much she has glorified
herself been proud and so much torment
and sorrow give her for she says in her
heart I sit a queen and AM no Widow and
shall see no sorrow therefore shall her
plagues come in one day death and
mourning and famine and she shall be
utterly burned with fire
for strong is the Lord God who judges
her it goes on and it talks about how
about in one hour in one hour all these
things are happening in one hour
severe judgments take place on Babylon
folks I just want you to receive this
message take it to the Father as always
take it to the father and and and go to
the Holy Spirit and and seek the Lord
seek the Lord with all your heart in
these days we need to be hearing the
voice of the Lord we need to be hearing
him clearer than ever and we need to be
seeking him and being in in his presence
and being in prayer this nation needs
prayer great things are coming to this
nation Lord oh thank you Father thank
you lord
Civil War it’s coming to this nation
there’s so much division so much
division all over the nation over many
many things
thank you lord war is at the door
war is coming folks I don’t have dates I
don’t know when but war is coming and we
need to get prepared we need to give our
hearts to the Lord we need to get our
heart straight with the Lord if you are
lukewarm please
make a decision today to turn back to
the Lord make a decision today to come
out of the world make a decision today
to put aside all those things that are
holding you back listen to me those
people that fell in hell and all those
things that the Lord allow me to see it
was very real and they were all there
and I knew that the things that they
went through were extremely severe
I saw many horrific things I saw many
many horrific things and I knew that
they had denied the Lord they had
continued to live in their life of sin
and decided to not answer the call they
decided to not listen to the to those
that were warning them so I’m warning
you today hell was not made for man hell
was meant made for Satan and his angels
hell was not made for us the Lord
prepared a place for us in heaven he
adores us he adores that he died to save
us he is the only way the truth and the
those that are in witchcraft those that
are in – to a strange fire those that
are into new age those that are into
other religions every other religion
that is not the Lord Jesus Christ is of
Satan they all lead to Satan folks the
Lord Jesus Christ is the only way the
truth and the life you cannot come to
the Father except through him Thank You
Heavenly Father he loves you and adores
you I pray that he’s touching your heart
right now and that you give your life to
the Lord Jesus Christ Thank You Heavenly
Father I wanted to share another piece
but the Lord is calling his people to to
enjoy the second twelve calling your
people – to fast and to seek Him
therefore also now saith the Lord
terney even to me with all your heart
and with fasting and with weeping and
with mourning and rend your heart and
not your garment
and turn unto the Lord your God for he
is gracious and merciful and he is so
gracious and merciful you woke up today
in your breathing
he’s bursted merciful and graceful and
so faithful to us in so long suffering
to give us another day another day to
fight another day to bring people to the
Lord another day to do something for the
kingdom of God another day to love
others another day to speak the truth
another day to say and do something for
others another day to pray
thank you wonderful Jesus thank you Lord
and some verse 14 it says who knows if
he will return and repent and leave a
blessing behind him even a meat offering
and a drink offering unto the Lord your
God blow the trumpet in Zion sanctify a
fast call a solemn assembly so the
lordís is calling us to two to two
fastest secant will however way you want
to do it to seek the Lord and to get on
your face and be humble before his
presence and to fear the Lord our
prayers are very powerful folks we need
to pray for this nation we need to pray
for four others we need to pray pray for
your families for your lost family
members for your friends and those you
work with thank you wonderful Jesus
Thank You Heavenly Father I have made
some notes and I’m just making sure the
Lord also said getting my word getting
my word that to learn the truth thank
you lord
Thank You Heavenly Father I was looking
for Hosea 4:6 my people perish for lack
of knowledge but is deeper than that it
says my people are destroyed for lack of
knowledge because thou has rejected
I will also reject you so that people
are destroyed because they’re ignorant
because they don’t read the word because
they fall in the traps of the enemy
because they don’t read the word and so
we have to be vigilant and it’s
rejecting the knowledge of the Lord I
will also reject the e that that thou
shall be no priest to me seeing that
thou has forgotten the law of thy God I
will also forget your children as they
have as they were increased so they
sinned against me therefore will I
change their glory into shame Thank You
Heavenly Father I just pray that this
message touches you this is not a
message of condemnation this is a
message of love to bring the truth forth
and to I pray and I know the Lord
touches many of you that you will hear
this message and it touches you and they
if you know others that are in in living
a lifestyle of sin and you know that
they’re going straight to hell you know
that they’re gonna split hell wide open
I saw people fall in the pit of hell and
split in hell wide open and they were
saying how did I get here
I was not supposed to come here I am a
Christian I was going to heaven how did
I get here and people are falling right
now Thank You Heavenly Father thinking
that we’re going to heaven but they
denied the Lord they lived a lifestyle
of sin I don’t have time to go through
all this scriptures right now Galatians
5:16 and plus this one example living in
the flesh we will reap what we sow folks
thank you lord
I bless you I love you guys I am very
passionate about this because it’s very
very very strong and very real and it
souls that matter to the Lord is
winning souls to the kingdom of God so
that they will be saved for eternity
that matters that’s what matters it’s
not this earth it’s not our flesh it’s
not the money and all these worldly
it’s the souls are you saved
is your soul secure are you sure you’re
going to heaven if something happened to
you today
are you sure make that decision today
and make sure praise You Father I love
you guys I bless you
Lord willing I’ll be back soon again and
please stay in prayer pray for this
ministry pray for this ministry and
keeping your prayers and the name of
Jesus I pray for you guys too I pray
that the Lord increases you and I’ve
advanced as you and we’ll bring people
to you that will be saved through you
Thank You Heavenly Father I pray for
your families for those of you that have
family members that are lost in the name
of Jesus Lord I pray that the Holy
Spirit will touch their hearts in a
mighty way and do a mighty work in them
to bring them to you Lord in Jesus name
I pray for those that are sick out there
those that are having physical ailments
for the Lord to heal your body and the
name of Jesus in Jeremiah 17 it says
heal me O Lord heal me O Lord and I
shall be healed
save me O Lord and I shall be saved for
you are my praise it says I shall be and
it shall be done
picture it done in Jesus name I don’t
know yet – the Lamb of God I love you I
bless you hugs to all of you and until
next time in Jesus name peace be to you

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