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when his holy city is divided next year america would be judged harshly – Vin Strang

when his holy city is divided next year america would be judged harshly

Dec 25, 2019 6:10 AM
Vin Strang

I had a very vivid dream last night which was Christmas eve. In it the lord jesus said when his holy city is divided next year america would be judged harshly.

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  1. Scoopie

    If next year, it means that the elections in Israel will finally be decided. Will the division come due to pressure from our side, the faux peace plan.. or, will it be due to new , more liberal/secular leadership in Israel that is tired of being bombed non stop?

  2. Michael

    Why is it a holy city when it is one of the many debase cities in the world and the bible calls it sodom and Egypt?

  3. Leah

    Revelation 11:8

    Jerusalem/Sodom and Egypt

    Revelation 2:9
    Revelation 3:9

    Tel Aviv is the homosexual vacation capital of the World. The modern state Israel follows the Talmud. The same Talmud that says Jesus is in hell boiling in excrement and it is ok to have sex with children under 9…

    All believers in Christ Jesus are Israel. Not a piece of land.

  4. Johan

    I agree 100% with you Leah. It is very clear that Revelation 17 and 18 refers to Jerusalem. And that the “Jews” are controlling the hole word behinde the seans; Mystery Babylon!

  5. Kenneth Heck

    I believe there should be a comma after the word “divided.” When Jerusalem is divided, in the succeeding calendar year America will be judged harshly.

    Whatever Jerusalem is today or tomorrow, it is destined to become the spiritual and governmental head of the Kingdom of God on earth. Isa 2:3, Micah 4:2, Zech 8:20-23. This will happen only after Christ’s second coming to judge the nations.

  6. Leah, even if Israel lives in sin, it’s still the chosen Land and Jerusalem the chosen city. Jesus is coming to Jerusalem, not to NY. Jesus came as a Jew not as Greek. He will reign from Jerusalem. So the country of Israel and the city of Jersalem are still a special place but more and more christians become antisemitic and think Israel is a fake country and the people in Israel are not Jewish but Kazaks, etc. They mix the Freemasonry with the Jewish people.

  7. Robert Adolph

    A plethora of Bible prophesy predicts that when America divides Israel God will divide the U.S.. Terry Bennett’s 21 year time line given to him by Gabriel in December 2001 points to the tribulation starting in 2022 and Christ’e return in 2028. Russia will attack America when America is at it’s weakest point, when the country is divided along the New Madras fault zone, from Chicago to New Orleans.

  8. do you see anything strange?

    Catherine is right

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