Whats this 70th in Israel all about…this is my reply – Doug Hatcher

Doug Hatcher

May 13, 2018

Whats this 70th in Israel all about…this is my reply

The time of the gentiles listed in the book of Daniel is finishing.
Israels 70th Birthday and all the signs leading up to it lets us know that DANIELS SEVENTIETH WEEK IS UNFOLDING.
What does that mean?
It means that the attention of God will switch more towards the Ppl in Israel whom rejected him (2000 + years ago)
We are expecting the dispensation or Age of Grace/ Church Age to finish and close.
We are expecting Daniels Seventieth week to begin; another phrase for this time period is SEVEN YEAR TRIBULATION.
We are expecting everything to really KICKOFF at any moment.
There are some things we already see:
Damascus becoming a ruiness heap – Isaiah 17:1
Psalms 83 says many Nations will be against Israel.
Zechariah 12 says Israel will be a Cup of Trembling and since Pres Trumps December 6 announcing Jerusalem as Capitol this is currently where we are, not many countries like the idea in fact only a few.
Ezekiel 38 tells us about a HOOK, which brings
Armies from the North, down into Israel for battles and wars which lead to ARMEGGEDON.

Oil and pipelines, greed and power is the HOOK

What you see happening is World Leaders making an attempt to unite the WORLD in Peace. The opening of the EMBASSY is a symbol of this that man is doing, however it is a false fake hope, a false fake peace.
The only one who can bring real bonifide PEACE is …..THE PRINCE OF PEACE….his RAPTURE will bring Chaos and another will rise who will seemingly bring many answers. This antichrist will also, like man, seem to bring Peace….but again a false Peace.

What this man and those leaders are actually doing is unfolding the New World Order, a One World Order which includes a One World Religion as well as a One World Currency
All of this comes b4 the 1000 Year Reign of Christ- The New Millennium.
What these men are attempting to do is be someone whom they are NOT. They cannot bring real Peace.
ONLY Jesus Christ and His Kingdom brings real bonifide Peace


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