Feb 23, 2020

My daughter, I want you to write these words down

Children, I am watching from My throne room. I see all! I know all! There are many going into sheer panic because you are living on very little income; cannot afford to get all the necessary items. Again, you are relying on yourselves without coming to Me. If you would turn back, confess, admit you need a Savior you would not be in a panic. So many of you suffer needlessly when the answer all along has been ME. I am Yahushua HaMasiach, your Lord and Savior. I am always calling you children!

Satan is a “fearmonger”—wants to keep you locked in anxiety, panic and depression. Without true repentance, these will take over your lives. I am the peace you need to alleviate all your fears. I take care of My children who return to Me.

What you are seeing now is only the start of many more to come. Are you understanding that all the warnings throughout the years I sent your way were for your benefit, not Mine? I have always been looking out for you but you have been dismissing My Words as nonsense, as conspiracy, as false. I cannot lie nor would that ever be My desire. I have no place with satan—he has lied, deceived, maimed, destroyed yet you remain following this broad road to separation from Me.

If you desire peace, then you need to Rest in Me and humble yourselves; submit—realize you cannot do anything without My assistance. I am not there in you if you are willfully sinning. I am not in your rebellion. All have fallen short (Romans 3:23) and all have been born into sin because of the First Adam. I came down from heaven to crush sin and death. First Adam was earthy. I am heavenly. (1 Corinthians 15:47) I am Spirit. When I was crucified, I left My Spirit upon those who repented (John 14:16). This is a gift!!! You have a Comforter available to you. (John 14:18). Why do you reject this free gift of new life, salvation? (Hebrews 2:3). Doesn’t everyone need comfort during trials and tribulations in life?

The Comforter brings all things to remembrance (John 14:26), opens eyes to see, ears to hear. My Holy Spirit moves and breathes in you. You become like a child again—born again to see through new eyes, My Eyes. Those who truly have My Spirit living in them have set aside the old man and become new (Ephesians 4:22-24); not on their own was this accomplished. I bring the change, heal the wounded heart. I remove the strongholds of addiction and deliver you. I AM THE ANSWER TO ALL THAT AILS YOU.

I open doors! I close doors! I allow judgments to come as a means of correction. You have made it much harder on yourselves for your defiance and rebellion! Who knows the heart of man but I? Where is the fear of a Holy Almighty God as in days long ago? (Romans 3:15-18) You fear now what man is bringing upon you with this “manmade” virus yet you fear Me not!!!

Who created the heavens and the earth? (Genesis 1:1-2) Who created you? (Psalm 139:13-14) Who knew the date of your birth and knows the day you will leave? Who is My equal? (Isaiah 40:25) Who calmed the raging seas? (Psalm 107:29; Matthew 8:23-27) Who has numbered every hair on your head? (Luke 12:7) Who knows each star by name? (Psalm 147:4) Who laid the foundations of the earth? (Job 38:4; Psalm 104:5) Who spoke and it was done? (Psalm 33:9) Who has gathered the wind in his fist? (Psalm 30:4) Who was there at creation? (Genesis 1:1-31)

Why do you not acknowledge this? The universe I hold in My hands! (Revelation 4:11). The universe did NOT bring you into this world. The universe CANNOT create itself. I AM BEHIND IT ALL! You are My created beings. I knew what your name would be before you came out of your mother’s womb? I love each one of My created beings. I speak not of the unredeemable—the sons of satan. They will be destroyed once and for all!

The changes are here children. Lives forever will be changed. The lamentation and the wailing has already begun. Soon much more will be heard throughout the earth. Sin destroys; allowing abominations in allows satan to have a foothold in the lives of men.

Rejection of the Most High brings judgment. Am I to idly sit back and tolerate your wicked deeds and your blatant sin as you flaunt it before My Face? Where is the fear of a Most Holy God? Who holds the keys to hell and death in His hands? (Revelation 1:18)

You forgot who I am so I am going to wake all of you who slumber up! I am active, always moving. I neither slumber nor sleep. I am not altogether like you. (Psalm 50:21) You must not lean on your own understanding and understand you are now in the days of the progression to the end. Time soon will be no more! Time soon will be no more for many of you will not be here much longer.

I implore you to repent and let Me wash you clean (Isaiah 1:16-18) Have you prepared your spiritual houses or will you die in your filthy stained garments? The time of procrastination is over! Decision must be made NOW! Your eternity is not secure if you are in unrepentance, (1 John 1:10; Revelation 2:5; Romans 2:6-8) in willful rebellion and disobedience (Psalm 107:11) All must reach for the prize (1 Corinthians 9:24) and endure until the end. For instance: If you said a one time prayer at age ten and live as you wish to this day and remain in willful sin you make a mockery of My sacrifice. There is a special place in hell for mockers and scoffers! (2 Chronicles 36:16) I am not one to be mocked nor are My words in vain. (Galatians 6:7) My prophetic timeline is in motion. Daily you need to seek Me, to confess. This is not a game! You are playing Russian Roulette with your lives. Your eternity is at stake!

While you are ignoring what is right before your eyes and refusing to admit changes are here, you will also be the ones without in times ahead—food shortages, cupboards empty. All the weather disasters have ruined this year’s crops. These too will become worse; in some areas—famine.

You had your days of leisure, days of plenty. How many pray? My heart is heavy. My tears have fallen. My anger has risen. The purging has begun. Many things will be purged this year. This nation America has been in a slow decline for decades and now the escalation comes. A nation without Me will never survive. I raise kingdoms up! I take them down!

Be ready at all times. Pray that you will endure until the end. Pray for the lost. Pray for your families. Pray for your brothers and sisters in Me all over the world.

Persecution, pestilence, famine continues as well as volcanoes and more as earth groans for My Return.

Children of Mine, Rise up! There is work to be done. My Kingdom come, My will be done. There is still much refining needed in most. Very few are ready. I work in each of you. Be patient! I am working on your behalf. You will be the salt of the earth. You will be of great help to those in need. I will bring you forth. My Light will shine through you. You are My chosen vessels. Listen, seek, and heed My instructions as they come.

I call—Make Me yours and I will make you Mine. When all else is gone, I remain

Yahushua (Jesus Christ)

That is all child

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 2/22/2020)

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