What Will September Bring? PART 2 – John Shorey Newsletter


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  1. Yelena Bella

    On May 21,2018 the Lord gave me a poem. it was the first time I received one this way. Normally I get dreams and hear him speak plainly without ryms.
    At first I had no idea what He was showing me through it. But when things started to happen mentioned in it, the poem would come to memory. I will not share the whole thing because it mostly personal. But reading about September bring words spoken to me about September as well. Here is the part I’m mentioning:

    In the month of September when the rain begins to fall upon the ground,
    see that you may be found in the arms of the Almighty.
    When there came a falling season,
    don’t you think there’s a reason
    to fall down and wonder why
    you have a stormy sky?


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