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April 1, 2024 7:55 PM
Alison Pound

This is what the Lord God who made the heavens and the earth, said on Wednesday 20th March 2024

He said, read about Josiah. So I read 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles.

He said: I want you to know that I loved Josiah. I loved him then and I love him now. He did what was right in My eyes. (But) He did something wrong at the end, which ended his days on earth. He should not have gone out against that king. He was warned not to. He went anyway and was killed. It was not his battle to fight. One little mistake. But that mistake cost him his life, when I would have extended his reign. Evil kings followed (after Josiah died).

He was one good man in the midst of evil.

Now in these days, I can not even find one good man to lead a nation.

Earth is ruled by wickedness.

Donald Trump is not a good man. He serves himself, his own ego.

America will have this man, who is not a good man, back as their leader.

He will lead for a very short time. I am going to tell you, months not years.

He will lead the nation into war. Then he will be gone.

Kamala Harris will step up after the short debacle of Trump’s re-instatement as President.

After this eclipse over America, Trump will be re-instated. Joe will have to step down.

This will happen before the actual election.

There is going to be an event. Many believe around election time. It will be before that.

Trump will be re-instated . Joe Biden will not be able to lead when the event occurs. He is a puppet, but he is a very frail puppet. Kamala will replace him but will not be elected President. She will take over after Trump is gone.

There is going to be a very chaotic time in America. Very chaotic.

The wicked will advance their plans greatly during the next few months.

America has been warned.

As a nation, she will go through her death throws in these next few months.

It will begin.

I am not going to relent .

What I have said in My Word about Babylon is going to be fulfilled. Every last jot and tittle.


The Lord also spoke the following words on the 28th March. I believe I am to include them along with the above.

He said: I will not be destroying America on April 8. Some believe this.

I will not be rapturing the saints on April 8. Some believe this.

I have My appointed times. My people should look to these. My feasts, which not many are observing. Yet they are the feasts of the Lord.


The Lord is impressing upon me the importance of observing Passover this year. This is new to many of us, many have not been taught to observe the feasts. He said this is not a command. It is an invitation.

May the Lord give you His peace and His understanding.

Please note: He has not told me at this time, what ‘the event’ will be. Just that there will be one.

Alison Pound.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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