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What Is To Happen To Me In The End – Anonymous

What Is To Happen To Me In The End

Feb 1 2020 4:20 AM

2017 Dream

Ok so I shared this scripture as this has to do with what happened to me in a dream 3 years ago, so before I have this dream months before i am in fear of bad things that can happen, earthquakes, tsunami’s ECT.. I have a few different apps on my phone alerting me of earthquakes and any other desaster that can happen, anyway I know as a Christian we shouldn’t fear so one night i say to the Lord I don’t want to fear I knew it was wrong because we are to trust God for our protection,

so I asked God a question ” What Is To Happen To Me In The End” I then had a dream I was in a large industrial shed dirt floor with groups of people standing around ,I look over to see an older man with long white robe white beard and white on his head I will say he was Muslim as I have seen what he wore as Muslim clothing , he was going around to each group picking out who was not needed for his use as not significant to him , he came to my group of people and looked at me and pointed to me I had my daughter with me and I looked at her and said we are going to go home now to Jesus I had a knowing that I was going to be beheaded ,the dream then ended, to my surprise I had no fear what’s so ever only a peace within that says all is well .

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  1. Franklin Revels

    Jesus went though Great suffering and Death at the Cross. He is here now with us and no matter what evil befalls us ever death of the body. We are just passing though to be with The Living God Forever as His Children if we be Redeemed by Jesus. I want my new Body. My new body will never suffer nor die due to Jesus being my Redeemer and Lord. Come be Really to enter the Love and Joy of the Father=God.
    Stop. Think. Are you Saved by Jesus , The Lamb of God who took your place on the Cross so you would not have to. Go to Him now and every day make time to be with Him , Praying, reading the Bible. Up to you
    Jesus is Lord, Savior, King, Friend, and Best of All, Our Hero…..
    God came to earth in the form of Jesus-man free of Sin to give a free gift of life to all who trust Jesus. Keep faith in Jesus and make now now now more time with Him. Jesus is your only Hope. Paid by Him own body and Blood so you become a child of God if you place you faith and life in His hands. Love you all. frankie the small

  2. SeekJesus

    I also had a dream of being beheaded a couple years ago. It was short, as soon as the dream started I was laying on my side. I had no fear at all and knew what was about to happen. I saw a big blade go up in the air. It looked like a curved machete. Then I was hit on the neck and they began to cut my head off. I didn’t feel any pain. Suddenly I was standing there beside myself for a split second and I felt like a spirit being, I thought that was it, it’s over? Then I woke up. I know if it comes down to this I was shown and everything will be ok.

  3. Julie

    I was also shown I would be beheaded, last summer. The guillotine malfunctioned at my turn. I had to wait in the front of the line and was able to “rally the troops” and sing a hymn. Then my turn came. I felt nothing. …I think we all need to be ready to die for our faith. Many believers will die as martyrs as it is written in Rev. We know the FEMA camps and guillotines are ready. Be ready. Blessings all.

  4. Theresa Nowak

    I wasn’t shown but was told in my spirit that I would be martyred. Lord God please keep all of us steadfast and give us strength so we may give you glory by our deaths. Revelation 6:9 “when he broke open the fifth seal I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been slaughtered because of the WITNESS THEY BORE TO THE WORD OF GOD.” May our witness be strong and bring you glory O Lord!

  5. Catherine

    I have also seen many years ago ( not sure but think it was a flash vision) of me being in a large church where guillotine was on the platform. My children were in the pews, no one else, and I was able to point to my eyes, my heart, and then to them to say”I love you” before I was placed under the blade. I believe we won’t feel anything when this happens. I pray we will be strengthened to the end through Christ Jesus!

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