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What is Important?

November 21, 2023  12:33 PM

I am important for your Salvation is thru me. (This is where I felt the writing should end, but He continued). Your reflection should be based off of I Am, at all times. For I Am the role model that was sent to Earth to show you the way. I Am the light that keeps you out of the darkness, while following the straight and narrow path. I Am the inner voice (Holy Spirit) that tells you right from wrong. I Am the love you feel for others. I Am important, follow me to Salvation.

God is great, God is good. God is kind and caring Father. He does not give his children too much, for that might spoil them. He is careful to give just enough to show his love, but never too much to ruin who they are. Many of my children think that money will solve all their problems. But some of these children, if given too much, would not develop properly, they need values that are learned and not just given.
My children need to learn thru trial and error and actually experiencing what others experience. Many learn from the lack of, rather than the abundance of. My children are able to put themselves in other persons circumstances, which give them insight into how others live and survive. Many who receive too much to fast are robbed out of experiences that could have been useful in the growing of their soul. Many would rather take the fleshly rewarded abundance, to accomplish their goals. Most of these goals are selfish and self-centered and a hinderance to your souls’ development. Always be careful about what you wish for, for it might not be in your best interest.

Each of your experiences are tailored for what you need to learn and experience. Some of my children try to take short cuts to where they believe they need to be or what they need to accomplish. Much of what humanity thinks is important, is anything but. Their priorities are based many times on monetary gains, things that will elevate their status with others, and places they can get away to (vacations), avoiding what they have been so busy trying to get. The cycle is viscous and costly to their soul. They clamor for the newest toy, the best equipment, the biggest house and the shiniest car.
What they seem to miss is that all of these things are just that, things of no importance, no intrinsic value. More, more, more is how their minds are wired. Until they can stop and reevaluate priorities, that are meaningful, they get stuck in the chasm of emptiness. For most are not happy even though they claim to have it all. For without I Am in their life, they will be eternally empty, run solely by the flesh.

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