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WHAT IS FREEDOM? – Anointed Melody

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July 4, 2024 11:41 AM
Anointed Melody

Greetings to all in the name of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. On July 1, 2024, I had a dream where I was in a home visiting a family. The lady showed me a Bible passage I didn’t recognize and she said it was a joke, as in it was supposed to be funny, but I didn’t think so. I said a general Christian statement, cliché sort of thing, and she mocked me. Then her baby cried but she was in no hurry to attend to the baby. I took the interpretation of this to be in part to be careful of Biblical errors in translation and also that likely Christian persecution begins (the baby being a sign of that as well as her mocking).

On July 3, 2024, I had a dream of spiritual war in the heavens. I woke up and it looked red outside. I believe this is the second time I have seen this. It may mean something else, but I think God may be calling me to pray and I missed that. If others dream this, I feel the first thing they should do is to pray against all the spiritual darkness in this world, against the demonic.

On July 4, 2024 (the date not being a coincidence), I had a dream. I was trapped in some underground place like a stadium or large work building. Perhaps I had been kidnapped/abused at first, but then I was in training to be an assassin or something similar. After some time there, a voice of God or an angel, I didn’t know, was whispering to me how and when to get out. I was then outside waiting on the voice and enjoying the view of freedom, when a man saw me that worked there, and I ran to my childhood home in the dream with mother/father etc. there. About seven people showed up to get me back and I shot all of them. Then I dreamed of a girl with the name Crystal (meaning may be ice, clarity, brilliance, a gem, or “crystal clear”, or something else). She gave me a list of something like 50 things. I forgot details about it, something like things to research. Then I was in a class and the teacher was holding a newspaper page and was cutting out a coupon and saying “We have to use these” very aggressively. I said, “I used to use those until they stopping making them.” On the chalkboard was a US outline with the 50 states. I don’t remember, but maybe there was a line separating it into sections or the sections had different colors. It was an outline of the entire US only and the state’s outlines. At my desk, I had a last piece of food and was thinking to stall eating it, but I chose to eat it. I was bleeding from somewhere on my body and got worried that others would notice. Also, I had a soft luggage type of bag that was my backpack I put on my desk. I was looking for this list/document/questions Crystal gave me. Then a voice said, “What is freedom?” and “What is ?”. I forgot the other word. Upon waking from this last dream, I was unsure about the entire meaning of the first part except that she escaped to freedom. The list likely references something about the states, I also thought of laws or the constitution. That we have forgotten the original intent of the laws of the founding of the US. The last part was clearer to me. The teacher and coupon represent how the US government or its citizens have been spending way too much money that they do not have and need to be wiser. The last bit of food references coming famine and not storing up food. The bleeding means that the banks have no more money and they are hoping nobody will ever find out.

The Lord then led me to think of college where some join fraternities. These present themselves as good with mottos like “Leadership, Service, and Friendship”. But upon signing up, they didn’t know they had to go through a “pledge” or “rush” process, where sometimes funny or negative things happen to them, such as having to swing over a river or having green slime dumped on them. Some of the worse, evil fraternities do much worse things similar to gang initiation. Once a member, there may be random learning about leadership and community service, but the “friendship” usually means getting drunk and going to parties. This usually isn’t what the college student intended to get involved in. If you then picture a Christian student who finds Holy Spirit filled people and they create a club. There they pray for one another, read Bible verses, help each other with homework, and feed the poor. This is a much better thing for them and the world. The Lord led me to think of this comparison because it relates to the present state of the world. One side is on Satan’s side with Illuminati, Freemasonry stuff that is very similar to this fraternity. When one doesn’t know God and they join these things or even if they know God, they are deceived into thinking some good will come out of it, but in reality, they are on a path into darkness that is very hard to get out of unless with Jesus Christ. Getting out may mean their death. But those who follow Christ are in deep spiritual battle against these forces of darkness. Even if life is hard sometimes and persecution comes, the Christian has God’s blessings follow them, His divine protection, and joy in their hearts knowing they are doing right every day, know the truth, and have eternal peace as their destination. Those who follow Satan may have riches, power, and all the things liar Satan promises, but they will die one day with eternal suffering as their destination. As you ponder “What is freedom?”, think about which of these two has true freedom. The entire world is in the valley of decision and I pray ALL choose Jesus.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos & Pixabay


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