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WHAT IF???? – Bette Stephens


November 5, 2020
Bette Stephens
A Servant’s Heart

For the last few days, The Lord has been speaking to me in regard to this question and I am to put it out to everyone. Before I begin, you really need to take this matter and seriously pray about it; seriously take it to The Lord.

The Lord says, “What if I left man alone? And what if I fooled the people. Then what would happen? I look high up, I see everything. I see how you lift up a man and you put my name to all of it. If I were coming and I were at your cities, would you roll out the carpet for me? Would you walk the streets looking for me? Would you lie in the streets advertising because I Am coming and I Am here? It is this way: I share My glory, My existence with no one. And WOE to those who do. So what if the people don’t get what they want? What if”????

It is for you to search the matter out. God has not given me any interpretation saying yes or no if something is going to happen or not. I am just giving out what The Lord has given me to the point where I had to get it out.


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