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“What I Showed you is——.” – McKana

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“What I Showed you is——.”

February 6, 2024 4:15 PM

February 6, 2024

Isaiah 46:10(KJV)
Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

This is big, this is very, very alarmingly big. Had we put into account all the words the Lord gave us, there was no need for the alarm. What is coming is what we have already been told. Didn’t the Lord told us about Iran. In how many mouths? Multiples.(see old posts at the end). When we hear the prophetic words years and moths earlier, much attention was not given thinking, even if it comes, it will come in the distant future,

What we are telling now is not new. It has been prophesied, the world have heard it. We are messengers not war mongers. Because war is in progress, we are not to stop revealing what we are given. Regardless, with no question, the war which is escalating is going to escalate further, it is the time for the words of the Lord to come to pass. This message is about the inevitable, the certaintyof what is going to come to pass.

Whether we like is or not, we tell what we are told to tell. Knowing my concern, the Lord has given me the liberty to release this current revelation.

Take this to the Lord with prayer from the heart and ask for mercy. This is mainly about asking for mercy and repentance.

This is another form of the storm-War.

The Hypersonic is tipped
(Revelation of February 6, 2024. 3:27PM)

I was watching the news about Iran’s progress towards a “breakthrough”of making nuclear weapons. The experts in this field have no realistic knowledge of how far the Iranians have gone to developing it.

I was watching the news to see what they are saying. For certain, even if they know, they will not come out and tell the world that Iran has succeeded. Knowing the consequence of the dangerous outcome, they will never dare to tell the world of this breakthrough. It was good to know what they think.

In the middle of the discussion, my attention was drawn to the Lord. With little awareness, I was being watched by the Lord as I was listening to the news.

Then heard the Lord say.
“What I showed you is nuclear tipped” and “You can publish this in liberty.”
To put it in a sentence:-

The hypersonic missile the Iranians have developed is nuclear tipped.

They were working hard for the enrichment, for years. The hypersonic missile is developed and now they have put the two together. The don’t have to develop hypersonic missile to deliver TNT.

Remember the revelation the Lord gave me about the Hypersonic missile which takes seven minutes to rich its destination. True to the word of the Lord, few months later, they announced they have developed hypersonic missile which can reach —in 400 seconds, which is 6.66, almost seven minutes.

Now, without the world fully aware of their progress, according to the revelation the Lord gave us, months earlier, they have developed and tipped their hypersonic missile with nuclear weapons. In this website alone, how many messages did we deliver about Iran achieving their goal of developing it.They indeed are waiting for the right moment.

This is big, this is the foretold, this is war and sooner than later it is nuclear.
Wasn’t this what we have been telling moths earlier, by many mouths?

Repent, Repent, Repent!

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