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what his future was going to be like – Alex

what his future was going to be like

Nov 3, 2019, 11:35 AM
Brenda Dietrich

Alex had this dream August 30, 2019

My sweet sister, my grandson, the day before he turned 13, he had prayed and asked the FATHER if HE would show him what his future was going to be like. He was given a dream that scared him.

He said the Earth had cracked and was falling apart. There were dragon like creatures and other demons all around. He and his cousin with a couple of other friends, were hiding and fighting off the enemy. They were armed to protect themselves. He said a huge space craft was in the sky and evil people were trying to trick people to go in. He said they kept yelling to the people not to go into the craft. They were being lied to and would be killed if they went in. He said it was cold with snow on the ground. They were looking for a place to hide and stay warm when a basket cube fell right in front of them. They got in and saw a red button. He said they knew without being told to push the button. So, they did, and the basket shot up and passed the craft at a high rate of speed to safety in the heavens. Then, he woke up.

He drew a picture of this dream. It was surreal to look at. Alex had this dream August 30, 2019.


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