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What Difference Have You Made in Your Lifetime

June 20, 2024 10:16 AM


Have you touched a person today with your presence and love? Have you made a difference by buying someone a sandwich and spending some time with them? Have you ever given a piece of your clothing, off your person, who needed it greatly? Have you ever given your time, volunteering with the elderly, homeless or those less fortunate? Do you ever speak of my name and lead someone who is in need of me? Do your obligations stop with the small funds you donate to charities?

How vested are you in I Am, with what you do daily? Do you have my Word written upon your heart? And, if not, why not? Your excuses are lame. “I have no time, I must work all day, I have children to raise, I deserve a vacation…” I this, and I that, where does this endless barrage of excuses stop? Your excuses lead to a place, that is not of me.

Find the time, find that person who needs help, find that charity and give of yourself. Time is fleeting, and soon there will be none left.

I Am within each of you. Show who you are, within me. Be that light the world is missing.

Photos courtesy Pixabay


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