Dream, Tsunami


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February 10, 2023
Julie Whedbee

On the night of Feb. 8, 2023, I saw a vision of the west coast of the USA. I was with friends in a high-rise condominium on what appeared to be some sort of trip or vacation to a large surfing event. We were on the balcony of an ocean-front room, 15 stories high. I remember looking up and down the beach at how crowded it was, with all the people and all the fanfare that was happening, as preparations were being made for the surfing contest. The weather was windy and intense, perfect weather that usually produces large waves that are needed for a good surfing contest. The wind kept whipping up all around us, and I noticed a bit of swaying in the building so far up, but I ignored the anxiety as just anticipation as we waited for the festivities to start. Suddenly, and without any warning, a very large rogue wave appeared and hit the beach. Many spectators were caught off guard, and we heard voices down below, as people were trying to gather their things. Then another large wave came in very quickly after the first, and everyone on the beach started scrambling to get to higher ground. All that had been set up for the contest had been swept away, and my friends and I looked across the horizon to see if any other massive waves were coming. All we could see was a wall of water, a monster tsunami right in front of us and rising, as it came towards the beach. Naturally, we panicked and ran for the elevator at full speed, falling down the hallway and joining others, as we piled into the elevator. To our horror, as the door opened on the ground floor facing the ocean, the massive wave hit, and we found ourselves immediately engulfed in water. In a split second, I reached for my friend’s arm and locked onto her yelling, “HANG ON NO MATTER WHAT!!!” We took a deep breath, as much as we could hold, and were then plunged instantly under water with such force, being shoved and violently thrashed, swirled and sucked into different directions. It’s hard to describe, but it felt so incredibly real and terrifying. I don’t know how long we were under, but as the wave had crossed the coastline, we were taken with it, and then came to the surface clinging to each other and staring at the devastation. We grabbed onto some debris floating nearby and just held on until the water receded. Then, a sickly silence fell over the whole landscape, and everywhere we looked was devastation. Most of the people from the contest had been swept away, but there were still a few here and there along the coastline that had survived. The sudden knowing that nothing would ever be the same again was haunting, and to make things worse, the few survivors we did see appeared demon-driven and very wicked. They started stalking any survivor they could find, and they quickly formed small groups, or gangs with weapons that suddenly appeared, taking control of the territory and forcing anyone they found to obey their commands. I remember feeling helpless, exhausted, in shock and just bobbing in the water, asking Father for His mercy and grace, and then I woke up.

End of dream/night vision.


As a messenger for Yahushua, it’s my position to post publicly what Yahushua instructs me to share with His people. This vision is not something I would ever want to think about, let alone experience. I know many have had and are continuing to have these types of dreams and visions. Yahushua has indicated to me that He wants me to share these as I receive them now, not for the remnant as much as for the left behind group, so that they will understand that everything Yahushua has told me and other messengers is absolutely truth and will be fulfilled, because His Word is true and all prophecies will come to pass, according to His perfect will. He told me that many would read these messages in a time soon to come once these judgments have occurred. They would then know that He has always spoken to His people about what He has planned to do, before He has done it, so all would have a chance to repent. He also is constantly reminding me and all of us to pray unceasingly for all those who are lost, especially now as many who are dying in sudden judgments, e.g. Turkey/Syria earthquakes.


Please always pray for discernment when reading these messages, dreams and visions from Father, as His Holy Spirit will confirm to you the truth of what He is showing us and the truth of His Word, because He is the Word. All praise, honor and glory to Our King Yahushua forever and ever! Come quickly dear Messiah, Amen.

Amos 3:7KJV

Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets


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