Welcome to Fantasy Island! – Benjamin Faircloth

Benjamin Faircloth

Welcome to Fantasy Island!

“America you have been fooled again! Lied to and raped of your dreams, you have no idea what you have lost! Your politicians have destroyed the dream you once had and your sin keeps you from returning to your hour of greatness! Why oh America would you not listen? Why My people have you gone astray? My promises to keep you have been broken by YOUR rebellion. You forced My hand to open for your demise! Where are you backslidden church? Where are you My rebellious people? Know you not that you are at the hour of judgement? America your fantasy is over, your nightmare has arrived, but you won’t believe it until you see it, and you won’t receive it until you feel it! But I say unto you this day, you will both see and feel My judgement and you will know then the hour in which you live! Prepare wisely and choose this day who you will serve, Me or your money!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 13)


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