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January 10, 2023 11:50 PM

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Dear brothers and sisters,
On Jan.1/2023 I received this short but powerful Word.

Lam.2:19 Arise, cry out in the night: in the beginning of the watches pour out thine heart like water before the face of the Lord: LIFT UP THY HANDS TOWARD HIM FOR THE LIFE OF THY YOUNG CHILDREN, THAT FAINT FOR HUNGER IN THE TOP OF EVERY STREET.

I used to read this verse and think it referred to a physical hunger. And it does! However, when I read it this time around, the Holy Spirit invited me to consider it also referring to a spiritual hunger.

If I may speak on behalf of our Western countries, I would say that although our food prices have skyrocketed, that we still have enough food on our tables. Even if one may need to rely on non-profit organizations, government programs, and food banks, we are yet to see starvation.

I can imagine how horrific it would be for a mother to having to watch her own baby despair for food. It would be agonizing, devastating. Yet, how much more upsetting is it to see our own children go without spiritual meals.

The Holy Spirit is drawing our attention today to ponder on how Father’s heart is breaking for our children that have not given their lives over to Him. For this, He is inviting us to cry out in the night, to pour ourselves out to Him like drink offerings, to feel His heart for our children who are lost without Him. He is calling us to stand in the gap for them and plead for their spiritual lives and their salvation. If we think physical hunger is bad, can you imagine going without spiritual food with no understanding on how to navigate these End Times!?

If you have children who are unsaved, living under Satan’s spell, this is an invitation to lift them up in prayer like never before. Satan desires to have their souls, to take them to hell for eternity. There is much at stake. We cannot afford to take a break, give up on them, feel defeated or become compliant. This is the time to rise and fight with our spiritual weapons.

When I asked Father to elaborate on what sort of things our children would face if they do not repent, He led me to Lam.3. Please read this chapter for yourselves. Below is just a short summary.
Our children cannot inherit heaven because of our righteous conduct. No! They have to make their own decision to commit their lives to Yeshua and start living for Him. If they choose to disobey, they will be greatly tested through various afflictions by the rod of His wrath. Father will turn His hand against them and strike them with bitterness and hardship. He will wall them in so they cannot escape. He will weigh them down with chains, besieging and surrounding them. Father will drag them off their paths, send lions their way that will mangle them. He will pierce them by the arrows in His quiver. If their rebellion persists, they will eventually become completely separated from Him. Their hope would be if they would remember Father’s immesurable love and compassion, to appeal to Him that they may receive deliverance.

For those parents who are daily reaching out to Father for their children, be encouraged to persevere. Father wanted me to tell you to continue to teach your children His ways, to speak to them the truth in love, to lead them by example and to not give up praying for them.

If our children would come to Him now, Father would shelter them under the shadow of His wings and protect them through the judgments. But once that door of opportunity is closed, they’ll have to face many trials.
Let’s pray for their hearts to be softened, that they may be convicted of the Truth, fall on their faces and repent wholeheartedly. Let’s also pray for chains of sin and addiction to be broken, for unbelief to cease, and for blind eyes to be opened. Above all, let’s claim Yeshua’s victory over their souls in His glorious name!

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