Wedding Feast / Hidden Things Exposed – Victoria Ang

Wedding Feast / Hidden Things Exposed
TWO prophetic dreams

September 26, 2020
Victoria Ang

In the first dream I was making a cake for a great celebration that was about to occur. I was extremely excited to attend this celebration.

I decided I wanted to also share pieces of the cake and offer to some birds. ( the Lord always sends me birds in dreams , and in real life to symbolize things but they always symbolize ,joy)so I put some of the pieces in a container and immediately birds started to fly to the cake. The FIRST bird to show up was a HUMMING bird. … (as in hum, sing, rejoice)…. I was Delighted to see them!… The dream ended


A great wedding feast will soon commence! A time of great celebration and rejoicing ! …. So be joyful!! ❤️

Second dream:

I found myself looking at this bus that was DEEP in the woods. It was well hidden amongst the trees. Everything looked DARK.As I looked at the bus my eyes were brought in to focus on the LIGHT on the bus. As I watched this bus the ROOF started to RAISE up ( as in peeling away from the top of bus). The Branches, leaves , dirt and debris that was hidden on the top was seen. Next the top was completely raised and ALL the debris came tumbling down! … The dream ended

Interpretation :

The Lord is about to COLLECT and EXPOSE the things that have been kept HIDDEN of those in POWER. The DEEP DARK things done in secret. And EXPOSE the debris they have been doing UNDERhandedly. Causing their evil schemes to come tumbling down.And bring HIS LIGHT forth!!!

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