We will be PAID BACK every thing the enemy has stolen – Victoria Ang

We will be PAID BACK every thing the enemy has stolen

April 25, 2020
Victoria Ang


In the dream I found myself at a counter to get my money back that I was made known was stolen from me. The amount of the money was $5789.23.

When the money was stolen I had gotten shot in the lower side of my back. The bullet did not go in deep ,but was still embedded in my skin.And I knew it had to be removed.

In the next scene I found myself in an ER room where a Dr. ( God) removed the bullet. As he removed the bullet it fell and hit the floor. When I looked at the bullet it had a pus type fluid on it that was stuck to the bullet.The minute the bullet was removed I felt completely better and turned around to start helping another nurse that was taking care of a sick patient. And the dream ended.

Interpretation :

The enemy is continuously working hard to kill, steal and destroy. Using every tactic he can.His plan is to TRY and steal the anointing and blessings God has given some of his faithful children.And cause distractions from prayers being prayed.This is a spiritual battle we are in and there will be injuries on the battlefield.We must continually seek God to heal those injuries. Because if we don’t an infection can set in and cause dead to a person.

The amount of the money stands for 57/ mourner …..89/ I shall increase ….and 23/ my father has gathered .( meaning as we cry out in prayer and mourn for the lives of others , God will bless and increase in our lives. So that he can gather those souls that where once lost through prayers.)

And we will be PAID BACK every thing the enemy has stolen as we STAY IN FAITH!!! And keep TRUSTING Gods ways!


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