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January 21, 2021

I was in prayer this morning and the LORD told me that things are going to change. I asked the LORD why wasn’t Trump re-elected? Why Biden? HE told me, would things have really been better if Trump won? Did people turn to ME when Trump was in office? Would people have turned to ME if Trump was re-elected? No. Now, people will turn to ME and seek my face. When things are good people forget about ME. When things are bad people turn to ME just like they did under Obama, but they forgot about me under Trump. People were more interested in themselves than ME under Trump. They relied on Trump and not ME. They put their “faith” in one man and not ME. This man did not praise me publicly, and when I the LORD was mentioned it was to appease the masses and not ME. He (Donald Trump) sought power and glory and not ME. The American people sought power and glory through Trump and not ME. When the people turn to ME and not man, and repent of their sins and seek my face and make a true commitment to change this country, will I the LORD heal their land! The future will not be in the hands of the righteous but the wicked. For man put his “faith” in man and not ME. Until man turns from his wicked ways and fights for ME and praises ME will I hear from heaven and heal their land! For man has become wicked and has chosen the path of wickedness over righteousness. For man put is “faith” in materialism and not spiritualism through the Holy Spirit. Man sought violence and not virtue. Man sought violence and not forgiveness. Man sought man’s wealth and not MY wealth. Man sought forgiveness through politics and did not seek forgiveness from ME. When man seeks things that his own heart desires he pulls further and further away from ME. Now, the wicked on this earth will challenge my people and will win at many of these challenges because my people seek not ME but their wills and not MINE! My people’s failures will come from them not being disciplined in MY ways. Until man figures this out, despite any future positive outcomes, which will only be temporary because until man truly turns from his wicked ways man will stay in lands ruled by the wicked. This is MY judgement upon my people. Come to ME. Do not seek desires of your heart for the heart is wicked. Seek ME and I will comfort you and welcome you into my kingdom. But until you totally submit to ME the wicked will continue to rule over you until you have no freedoms left. Your freedoms will be chipped away one by one until you submit and turn to ME. Seek ME not your earthly desires. Seek not mans wealth, seek MY wealth! Seek my life giving water. Seek my spiritual food for your soul. Seek ME!

These are the things that will come to pass unless you turn to ME the LORD your GOD.

You will be slowly be rounded up by new laws passed by this new wicked government. Laws that will make many things you do illegal but will only be aimed at the political right in this country. The left will be affected little by these new laws. Rounded up meaning; being arrested for crimes of the following:

-Owning certain guns (not all guns will be outlawed)
-Praying out-loud to where others can hear you.
-Praying against immoral behavior such as homosexuality, gay marriage, and anything to do with the LGBT community.
-Wearing of any clothing deemed inappropriate for public view. Anything to do with: religion, the NRA, MAGA, the Republican Party, even clothing with the John Deere logo, Ford, Chevrolet, Harley-Davidson, (any American auto manufacturer deemed pro-fascist, pro-constitution) the American flag, the 2nd Amendment, the Constitution, anything deemed to lean to the right. ANYTHING! Even the wearing of a certain color or colors or combination of certain colors. Even religious tattoos will need to be covered up.
-Not publicly supporting new legislation.
-Refusing vaccination.
-Refusing to acknowledge and support anti-Christian behavior and immoral acts as the new normal.
-Not praising Satan in public in its soon to be many forms.

This is only a small sampling of what is to come. Turn to ME and I will heal your land! Refuse ME and your land will be burned by its enemies from far away lands! I have removed MY hand of protection over this land. I will only protect the true righteous in this land but no longer will I protect this country. Now it is up to you what the future will bring. The burning of this land or the healing of this land. The choice is yours!

GOD’s people have chosen their own desires. Only a small number have chosen righteousness over gluttony.

The sooner you turn to ME the sooner I will heal your land!


Your brother in Christ, Jesus

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Below is a video montage just a hint of where we are headed

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