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August 30, 2019 11:12 AM
Jessica Smith

This is a vision I had a few years ago that changed my life forever.

WE ARE ROYALTY #DaughterOfTheKing

As I was soaking in God’s presence, my hands were pressed against the Lord’s hands, I was praying in tongues. I felt the tangible glory, then suddenly I was in a vision. I was in heaven at the Throne of God!

At the throne there was a TABLE! It was HIS table… the Table of the Most High Sovereign King!

But I was down UNDER the table begging & licking crumbs off the floor!!

I was dressed in slaves clothes. Suddenly, God the Father my King grabbed my hand and pulled me up & out from UNDER the table. He said, “You are NOT a beggar! You are MY daughter! You’re royalty!”

Then He sat me in a seat beside Him AT the Table. He told me that I don’t belong UNDER the table licking crumbs, but I belong seated AT the table FEASTING in victory with Him as a DAUGHTER and a PRINCESS of the Kingdom.

He put His hand over my chest and told me that I didn’t believe these good things or understand my identity because of the deep wounds in my soul & the lies that had been told to me all my life. I’d been taught that I was worthless and unwanted… no good. Then He told me He would heal me and set me free from these lies & wounds & then I would believe, understand & freely walk in my authority.

When I sat down at the table beside my Father, the All-Mighty King, the slavery garments (including a hat) just fell off me. Then God drew me closer and replaced the slave hat with a golden crown. He said to me, “You are My daughter. You are a princess and you need to know your identity.”

Then He put a royal cloak on my shoulders and hugged me and told me again NOT to forget who I am and again told me to remember that my place is at the table with Him NOT under the table.

As I sat there with the LORD at His throne/table, I looked down at the floor and it was transparent. Below my feet I saw earth, the realm of mortal kingdoms; space & the realm of satanic kingdoms. I was above it all with my Father in Christ. There was NOTHING higher than where I sat with God… nothing. This was my position with/in Him and He told me to fight from THAT position ALWAYS. (Ephesians 2:6)

The Lord told me that the devil wants me OFF that place, but he can’t remove me… all he can do is DECEIVE me by LYING to me and THREATENING me, making me NOT believe WHO I AM. If I do not know WHO I AM IN CHRIST, I will not know WHERE I am with Christ, which is my position of victory & all authority. If I don’t believe who I am, I will not exercise my authority from the highest place of all authority.

God said that I, as His daughter, have the right to exercise authority from His Throne… from the Table of the Lord God. He told me that I have dominion over the devil, because I’m seated at God’s Throne and at His Table which is above all principalities, power, and dominion. He said that I am ABOVE the devil and he’s BELOW me and I can HOLD that position.

God told me not to fight from Earth anymore, but to fight from His TABLE and His THRONE in HEAVEN where I’m seated with Christ.

Suddenly there was a moment when I felt like I was falling away from the throne/table… falling down to earth, falling from my place with God. But as I felt myself falling, the Lord said, “No, that’s a lie. You’re not falling. You are seated with Me ALWAYS. I never leave you nor forsake you.” His words pulled me out of this false falling experience & there I was STILL seated with Him unmoved.

But immediately again, it felt like the transparent floor was letting me go, like I was falling through it, and again God said, “No. That’s a lie. I don’t ever leave you. You’re not falling from your position. That’s just the devil lying to you.”

The devil’s lies can be powerful & convincing which is why we are commanded to be sober & stand always in the full armor of God. The battle is real.

The devil was attacking me with images and feelings, thus beliefs that I was falling away from my position at God’s throne/table & that God was forsaking me. The devil did this just to get me to not exercise my authority from that high place… but it was a LIE. The feeling was a LIE. The image was a LIE. The experience was a LIE. The Lord said the devil lied like this, because the devil is LOSING and he KNOWS he’s going to completely lose. I saw the devil’s face STRESSED.

At first, seeing the devil’s face made me feel uneasy & creeped out, until I saw how STRESSED, ANXIOUS & CONFUSED he was.

The Lord said, “The devil is stressed because he knows he is losing his hold on you.”

As long as the devil can blind us to our true identity & position at God’s throne, he can protect his own kingdom from us. He fears what God’s children can do to him & his only weapon is DECEPTION. This is why the devil works overtime in attacking… he’s desperate to stop the progress, growth, deliverance & healing… he’s terrified that we will KNOW WHO WE ARE & finally understand our authority in Christ, because this doesn’t just mean the destruction of his work in our life, but the destruction of his work in the lives of all we are sent to help.

We’re not beggars & crumb-lickers… we’re royal children of the Most High. Knowing our identity changes how we act.

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~ Jessica Smith

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