We Are Out of Time Prepare For Impact! – Monique Bizet


We Are Out of Time Prepare For Impact!

August 9, 2020 10:54 PM
Monique Bizet

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bless you saints i want to bring a word
to you today that the lord put in my
and also share a prophetic dream
that’s really important and so
we are seeing that as the lord told us
times shall come as he tells us in
second timothy
3 you know it tells us that in the last
days perilous times shall come for men
shall be lovers of their own selves
covetous boasters proud blasphemers
disobedient to parents
unthankful unholy without natural
truth breakers false accusers
fears despisers of those that are good
traitors heady high-minded
lovers of pleasures more than lovers of
having a form of godliness but denying
the power thereof
and from such turn away the lord warned
us to turn away
for of this sword are they which creep
into houses and lead captive silly women
laden with sins led away with diverse
ever learning and never able
to come to the knowledge of the truth
never able to come to the knowledge of
the truth now as james and jamers would
stood moses
they resisted moses so do these
also resist the truth they are resisting
the truth
as we are seeing today they are men of
corrupt minds
reparate concerning the faith but they
shall proceed no further
for their fully shall be manifest unto
all men
as theirs also was so we’re seeing
that we are in the last days i am
blowing the trumpet because the lord has
been given me
very very strong dreams and
we are out of time folks very uh strong
things are coming to the nation
and we have got to be ready and and and
we have got to have our
our houses in order and first of all
our house is in order with the lord and
give our hearts to jesus christ
uh be born against holy spirit
filled and living a holy life and coming
back to our first love we got to repent
of our sins
uh live a repentant life a holy life
uh forsake your your worldly things
forsake living in the word and in the
and and um and uh
living a life that is that is uh of sin
and come back to the lord and so
um but like i said there’s there’s very
strong things
coming and they’re coming quickly okay
and so um as it says the time
is up as the picture shows the
time is up it’s it’s uh
the class is shattered it’s broken it’s
up we gotta be ready and prepared
just as the lord has been warning me
prepare for
impact prepare for impact
and so um in this dream that i want to
the lord had the dream began
with um a man that was
that represented in the dream the devil
the evil one the enemy
and he was going house to house
and visiting house to house and there
was something very
secretive and covert going on there was
a cover-up
and so at the same time in the scene
this woman comes
comes up to me and she uh
starts to talk to me and and she
um takes me from home to home
and i see the times on the outside is
very dark
and so i see grandfather clocks
outside of each home
and as she’s talking to me i’m really
focusing in on these these grandfather
now in in dream symbolism that usually
uh unbelievers people that are lost
but there’s more to it because i did i
did a little bit of research about the
grandfather clock is it
really gripped my attention so i thought
it was interesting i
just looked up how grandfather clocks
and it’s it’s
the the timing of a grandfather clock is
exact and so um and again god’s timing
is perfect
but the grandfather clocks keep the
correct time and um
i remember seeing the gears of of the
clock itself and when it hits the hour
the alarm goes off with exactitude
and so the alarm is going off right now
for us to wake
up when it hits that hour the alarm
starts going off the
the clock starts sounding and it’s it’s
appointed for man as i said wants to die
and then the judgment
and so um i believe that uh
uh there are there are false flags or
things that are coming to this nation
that are gonna
get into great chaos and um
again by back to the clock it’s the
is where my eyes were fixated on
and the weight of of a rod okay
and and then you have the pendulum so
this is the time keeping
element of the clock this is what keeps
the time
and so again my eyes are focused on that
and the gears as i said
and the gear train is called the
i thought that was interesting the
movement as we’re seeing
uh movements taking place in our nation
um and so uh the the
the swinging of the pendulum is is
called uh momentum and and gravity has
got to do with gravity and
and it’s it’s momentum is what keeps it
going from one place to the other from
one side to the other
and and i thought these things were very
because it talks about how
just as the nation has gotten divided
and all and more and more so divided
it’s like picking up momentum
all right and so the clock is outside of
the homes
not inside outs we are outside we we are
out of time
we are out of time um the
the um so the whole
um symbolism of the clocks were
with this was a huge um
uh uh focus and
the the the wave of dark and storm
sweeping the nation and from right
to left this was a very big focus
i think we kind of get the picture here
and so
um we gotta be in prayer we gotta be in
prayer and on our knees
all the time not just a little prayer we
gotta be on our knees seeking the lord
but essentially the the the grandfather
clocks i’m i’m looking at the pendulum
of the grandfather clock
and this lady starts to say
god looks at the clock god knows
what time each one has
god knows what each one says
and god knows the time only god knows
the time
and the hour and so and no one knows the
time of the hour but the lord
as the word tells us in hebrews 9 27 it
says it is appointed unto man wants to
die but after this the judgment and in
matthew 12 37 it tells us by the words
by thy words thou shalt be justified and
by thy words thou shalt be condemned
and we know that second corinthians 5 10
tells us the day of
judgment is coming when we will all
appear before the judgment seat of
christ that everyone must
receive the things done in the body
every one of us will receive our the
things that we’ve done in this earth
in our body according to that he has
whether it be good or whether it be bad
and so
we have to be ready we are out of time
and we have to be ready to uh
uh for the things that are coming for
uh tribulation for the darkness that is
enveloping this nation
and the world and
and it’s not to put anyone in fear again
is to get us to be
ready to be in prayer and to be seeking
the lord
the second part of this dream
i was suddenly taken up above the earth
and i could see a map of the united
and in this map i could see
all the states but the focus was
that i could see the borders of each
and this was like my eyes zeroed in into
the borders of each state this was a big
that the lord was was showcasing
and as i’m seeing the lines clearly
dividing each state
there is a uh dark water
deep dark water that is is
inside of the state of each state
and and in in there’s like a
massive storm like it’s really raining
it’s very hard to describe but um is the
there was a wave like a wave of darkness
that was sweeping the nation from state
to state and it was going from
right to left okay to
to the left side from right to left and
it was sweeping the entire nation
and fast really really fast
and there was a sense of urgency and the
dream the lord was a um
i in the dream was crying and i was
saying oh lord no
no and um so there was just an impending
urgency in this dream
that i felt that i had to to cry out to
the lord and
and intercede to the lord and so as
as like i said though this really struck
me the way that the waters were sweeping
and the movement
and it was the the speed like things
and suddenly the whole nation is covered
up in this
dark water and like inundated in this
darkness and and so
um like i said i woke up very uh
disturbed by this dream and uh
kind of alarmed and so i’ve been seeking
the lord this was given to me on the
may 17th 2020
and we know that right after that we had
the riot
riots start in this nation and how
the nation has been
divided and how it’s it is
sort of as a storm that’s taking over
and dividing the nation and taking us
into civil war
and so but there was a very a sense of
was very key in this dream just like the
the grandfather clocks um
like the lord warning people to get
right with the lord to repent and come
back to him because time is
up and and judgments are going to hit
and judgments are already here but
something big is coming and so i am uh
i i’m letting you know to get your heart
right with the lord to get your house
your family uh prepared the best way you
just seek the lord to see how to prepare
um and and and what it is what direction
that the lord wants you to take for your
situation your family
uh whatever it is that the lord has
for you and so the lord i always
encourage you he will never leave us nor
forsake us
we gotta seek him with our whole heart
you know it tells us many times in the
to seek the lord with our whole heart
that means fully
committed to the lord fully engaged in
fully serving the lord not half half
not lukewarm not one foot in the world
and one foot
in in church and thinking we’re gonna be
no we gotta be fully committed the lord
loves you the lord adores you
he’s calling you to him if you’re not
living right
come back to the lord and repent he will
forgive you
and get back into to to that narrow road
the road is really narrow folks
and so and um
in psalms 119
well 111 it says praise you the lord i
will praise the lord with my whole heart
in the assembly of the upright and in
the congregation we praise the lord with
our whole heart
and psalms 119 2
it says bless blessed are they
that keep his testimonies and that seek
him with the whole
heart the lord blesses those that keep
his word
and that keep his testimony and that
seek him with the
whole heart not doubting and not
a double-hearted um 119 10 it says with
my whole heart have i
sought thee oh let me not wonder from my
from your commandments 119 34
give me understanding and so we pray
lord these words
over us give us understanding and i
shall keep thy
law yes i shall observe it with my whole
heart 119 58 i entreated thy
favor with my whole heart be
merciful unto me according to your word
and so we can pray the psalms over our
lives and turn it into a prayer
for us and our family our loved one to
for the remnant we got to be praying for
the remnant we got to be praying for the
body of
christ for the flock folks we got to be
praying for all of us and for this
nation to turn
back to repent for the lord to touch the
hearts of men to turn back to the lord
the mark of the beast system
is is already rising uh uh
mark of the beast technology is here uh
um the vaccines all these things that
are gonna
uh destroy the dna of people
and so we’ve got to come back to the
um and and give our lives completely and
surrender to him
completely he loves us he adores us
and so i wanted to share this with you
and like i said i’ve got many many
dreams that are very
uh urgent and so i’m blowing the trumpet
i’m being faithful unto the lord and for
those that have ears to hear
and let them hear lord let them hear let
wake up wake up from our slumber
there’s no more time to slumber and to
to relax we shouldn’t be relaxed
and comfortable and in times of uh
of great affliction persecution
martyrdom is coming and and it’s here
it’s at the door and so
like i said i pray that the lord
blesses you touches you and that he
will show you the way if you seek him
he will be found and so in jesus name i
bless you
until soon again the lord willing
and may his will be done in your lives
and i’m
in my life too and in your lives and
may he bless you abundantly and keep you
protect you
and cry out to him folks cry out to him
this time of sackcloth and ashes it’s
time for repentance
it’s time for repentance we are losing
our nation we are gonna lose our
we’re gonna lose our rights and people
are not
paying attention people are still in the
world and not paying attention and so
i’m blowing the trumpet
i love you with all my heart and uh
until soon again as i said
please um keep this ministry in your
prayers i ask you
and um may the lord bless you in jesus
mighty name be blessed

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