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We Are in the Final Stretch, Beware of the Enemy! – LynL

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We Are in the Final Stretch, Beware of the Enemy!

May 29, 2024 10:21 AM


As things start to shift, be wary of the enemy who comes masked as something else. His tactics are relentless and have gone on like this, for eons. Your adversary is cunning, plans in advance and should be scrutinized through prayer and cautious observation. He will do what he can to slip up those that are mine, especially.

Be wary of things that are “too good” to believe. Gifts that get you back into previous sins, or new “love interests” that are hard to pass by. Each move of his is calculated, exact and is easily perceived as something “good”, which it is not. Do not let your guard down for we are in the final stretch, and he will sprint towards this end, so to end your life (eternal). Nothing will be as it seems while dealing with my (our) adversary.

Be cautious in all you do, put on your armor daily and heed not the enemy’s traps and snares. Put a hedge of protection around you daily and do not give in to the enemy’s ploys.
Demonic forces are thickening up on the Earth, looking for housing (I keep hearing, “Don’t be their Airb&b). Do not accommodate these entities by being in sin, going back to sin or entertaining the thought of sin. Be pure, white, and full of light each and every day and night.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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