We are being attacked! – Rose Sharon


July 11, 2020
Rose Sharon

My 13 year old son had a dream last night. He says we were all in the living room, it was a normal afternoon, and my husband was watching Fox News on the TV. All of a sudden, an emergency broadcast came through and an anchorwoman was there, siting in a white dress behind an oval white table/desk. She said, “We are being attacked.”

My son recognized this anchorwoman, saying he had seen her before. We searched through some online pics and he pointed to Megyn Kelly, saying she was the woman he saw in his dream. He said her hair was longer in the dream (just past shoulder length) and more brown than her usual blonde color. I questioned my son about this because not only does Megyn Kelly no longer work for Fox News, but she has also been off TV altogether for the last year. My son was very insistent that it was her and she was definitely on Foxnews (because he could see the “Fox News” logo on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Then the scene changed and my son could see that 4 white missiles had hit South Carolina. He could then see other states and said they were all also hit, with 1-4 missiles. Most states got 2-3 missiles. He specifically remembers Texas was hit by just one, right in the middle of the state.

I questioned him thoroughly about what these missiles looked like and also took him through many pages of different missile images to find one that most matched what he saw in his dream. He said they were huge, white, long and slender. Near the tail were 2 hatches on either side. He noted the huge amount of “clouds” that came out of the tail end of the missiles when they were in flight, and also said that when the missiles hit the ground, 2 hook or arm-like appendages came out near the head of the missile and anchored it into the ground. The missiles then all blew up, at about the same time, and the entire country was covered in a thin white smoke. He said the missile in the picture below was the closest to what he saw, except the missiles he saw were all white and of an advanced, almost futuristic, technology. Another interesting note is that he said he somehow knew in the dream that these missiles did not come from Russia or China.

When he woke up, he forgot all about the dream until he heard some fireworks later in the day and remembered it. Then, after my husband and I returned home from a prayer meeting with a local refugee community, my son told me he had a dream last night about missiles. I was all ears, as dreams have been a major way the Lord has spoken to me over the last 20+ years. This was the 4th prophetic experience my son has been given.

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