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We Approach the 3 (Three) Days of Darkness – LynL

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We Approach the 3 (Three) Days of Darkness

May 29, 2024 10:19 AM


Time is closing into the darkness that will envelope your Earth. Get all preparations to block the view from your windows. This darkness can be felt, perceived and cause emotions that are not generally felt on Earth.

Those who do not know me, will be most affected, by this darkness. After this event starts, stay inside, and do NOT open the door for ANY reason. No matter who claims to be on the other side of the door.

This is your chance to get to know your two and only options, upon your passing away. This will be your wake-up call to truths you have avoided during your lifetime.

Stay focused on I Am, pray, repent, pray, repent, and then repeat. Much will be learned by all in this darkness. Many will find out what the absence of God is truly like. I give you this gift, to help you make your eternal decision for I Am, or the enemy.

I have always loved you and do not want to lose even one of you.

Your Father in Heaven

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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