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Waves of Destruction – Mike M

Waves of Destruction

October 17, 2019
Mike M

Dream Received 10-10-19

I dreamed I and another guy were staying with a family. they went on vacation. I had premonitions of bad things happening so I told them. No one listened and they still went on vacation. The other guy pointed out the bay, beaches, and low lying areas had flooded. Dirty, hopeless & murky water. I stared in awe that I was thinking could happen and did happen! The guy and me did not walk in unity for too long as he wandered off. I was disappointed. We were better together than separate. He was the one, after all, who spotted the flooded bay and beaches and I then I saw it. At first we were inseparable as we assessed the situation. The earth had ripples in it. Kind of like life sized garden rows of dry, dusty soil. Reminds me of the dust bowl kind of. Suddenly a car was careening out of control, then rolling towards me and the house. I left the yard of the small, white ranch home and fled to the back. It did not hit me. then another one came so I kept going. Then I was on the next street . I stumbled into this yard and they were eating outside the house picnic style on the patio. I was in shock at their nonchalance (lack of awareness) about the events unfolding around them. Were they not aware of these catastrophes? It did not seem like it, so I thought I have to break the ice and say something, get them to notice me. No one even said hi. So, I said to a Woman, “are you aware the bay is flooded?” She calmly said, “yes” as if subdued by an unseen force. So, I scanned the patio again and the lady on the end seemed in charge and approachable. I then approached this lady at the head of the table. “Do you sing opera?” she asked me. “Are you a psychologist?”. I was caught off guard. “What does this have to do with the cataclysm”, I was thinking. But being polite, I answered, “I do sing and yes I do know a lot about psychology”. But she went back to eating. She was collecting info. She did not want to know me, just facts about me, which did not seem like a good thing for her to know. She seemed to have ulterior motives.

The people riding the cars that were rolled by the waves represent those who were not covered in the Lord. Doom for them. The people at the picnic would rather feast than go and seek and save the lost. The first Woman at the picnic knew the truth, but knowing is not enough. Faith without works is dead. She was beholden to the religious system; constrained; muzzled; kept back by a religious spirit. Having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof. She was afraid of what the esteemed men and women at the picnic would think if she spoke freely to me. She was pleasing man and not God. The rest at the picnic had their faith in men, earthly systems, and the religious order-blindly without even looking up or around to even see any danger approaching. Then finally, I left the picnic table and passed a group of wild and very young adults who were listening to music and partying. Their music was mocking God and the end times. No doubt thinking, “it’s just global warming” as they sang along. These represent the scoffers and mockers who will be with us to the end. So deluded by the shallow carnality will they be that they will not take TIME to critically THINK and give thought to their relationship to all they flippantly discount as bunk. They were so absorbed in their reveling they did not even look up at me.

After praying and considering, this is the interpretation:

The events are self-explanatory. People went along mindlessly and went on a vacation to the beach even though I got premonitions of the flooding coming. And I warned them so there is no blood on my hands. As unpopular as that may be with all the consequences that follow relationally. Low lying areas not safe. Subject to sudden perils. The ripples in the earth represent the ripples in the food supply from these cataclysms, droughts, floods, earthquakes. All of it has a rippling effect. The automobiles that were careening out of control and rolling on these waves are to show that civilization (transportation, too. Gas? Oil?) will be at the mercy of these events. Yet even though these things will be plain to see, people will react differently. Those that did not heed may have died at the beach. The man who was partnering with me drifted off at a time when being together is more important than ever. The family having the picnic on their patio were literally shielded from what was happening all around them as they ate their food. They chose not to look or look up. The food supply will be affected yet so many will not realize this until it is upon them. Keep in mind sound waves can come from earthquakes which are ripples as well. We call them rollers here in Southern California, because it is like surfing up and down. That’s just one type of earthquake. The Lord’s voice can thunder as he allows these judgments to be delivered. His voice can cause sound waves which cause rolling effect. See the big picture. He is still sovereign and wants all to come to repentance. (John 3:16-17). We are to continue warning all. Of note here is the present day “Church system” which is busy not looking up from it’s pleasures to see the warning signs. And those within it’s ranks choose allegiance to the Pastors and programs over allegiance to Jesus himself. Beware. Proceed with caution and wisdom. Get knowledge, get wisdom. Ask for it by name. We are to be aware of those who are Christian in name only. We are still to be kind and patient with them, pointing out the obvious. But we are to be about unity and our Father’s business no matter where our path takes us. Which is much harder walked out than it sounds on paper. Then we have to detach from the outcome and just observe. Watch and pray. And warn on the wall. Listen to the still small voice to avoid the perils. He is just and fair to warn. Listening is more important than ever, and at a time when there are more distractions than ever, more upheavals. more firsts for the history of man, more sin than ever, more things stacked against us than ever. All the while a very alluring and deceitful Babylonian system which temps us more than ever as we see this ‘false glory’ being revealed on the inhabitants of earth. The false peace is at the doorstep. Makes me think of the scripture that said “don’t look in their eyes”. Seduction is off the charts and it’s more clever than ever. The anti-christ prepares for his 15 minutes of fame and all those un-thinking and un-questioning will go right along with the feel good , everything is fine view. Jesus said he came to bring a sword, to rightly divide the truth from the lie. We should do likewise.

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