Water, Response, Word – Olasubomi Williams

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Water, Response, Word

February 5, 2024 5:08 PM
Olasubomi Williams

Deep calls into deep. My words are everlasting. They are transcendent. They live, and they breathe. Both the written and living word. Deep calls unto deep. The deeper you are in the waters of my word, the deeper my words will sink and soak into you. The waters I am referring to are the rivers of life. Response refers to the echoes of my words, which reverberate throughout time and space. It brings life to a dead soul and a dead flesh and spirit. The word is the fulfillment of the law. It comes through my spirit, the holy spirit. The more you reflect on my words, the more they become a part of you. The more of my words you have in you, the more fruits you bear, and the more I invest in you. That is all my son, Yahshua the messiah.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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