Watchman, What Time Of The Night? – Jeanette


May 10, 2018

Watchman, What Time Of The Night?

As whirlwinds in the Negeb sweep on,
it comes from the wilderness,
from a terrible land.
2 A stern vision is told to me;
the traitor betrays,
and the destroyer destroys.
Go up, O Elam;
lay siege, O Media;
all the sighing she has caused
I bring to an end.
3 Therefore my loins are filled with anguish;
pangs have seized me,
like the pangs of a woman in labor;
I am bowed down so that I cannot hear;
I am dismayed so that I cannot see.
4 My heart staggers; horror has appalled me;
the twilight I longed for
has been turned for me into trembling. (Isaiah 21:1-4)
“Watchman, what time of the night?
Watchman, what time of the night?”
12 The watchman says:
“Morning comes, and also the night. (Isaiah 21:11-12)

Jesus has been speaking this passage to me for over 10 years as a sign of the closeness of His return. Today, He emphasized it quite firmly as I sought Him concerning what is coming. This is what I heard Him say today.

Did I not say, ‘after March-after June?’ Many say, ‘it has begun, it has begun.’ But I say to you this will seem like the morning when twilight comes. Men’s hearts will fail them. Then will come the night and many will be caught unaware. ‘Peace, peace’ they will say but there is no peace. ‘Nothing can touch us,’ they will say. But I tell you victory belongs to Me. A fierce day is coming. Let the arrogant be arrogant and the humble be humble for on that day the strongman will be feeble and the little sheep will be strengthened by Me.

Abominations, abominations! Yet, the shepherds turn a blind eye and say it is the apple of My eye. ‘We have a righteous king’ they say, but I say to you, “I AM the Righteous King.” Prophecy to the east. Prophecy to the west. Prophecy to the north and to the south. Destruction comes. Listen diligently to Me today. Turn to Me. Do you not see My great love for you? Come while My hand is extended toward you. They have dealt treacherously with you but I deal with you in Righteousness.

Many say, ‘we will have time to flee; let us gather that which will keep us warm.’ But I say to you, do not line your pockets with gold and silver. They will not save you on that day. I am your shelter.

Repent and turn away from your idols, and turn away your faces from all your abominations. As I send My judgments sword, famine, wild beasts, and pestilence, you will see I have not acted without cause. How I have called to you in mercy but you would not turn from your idols. A few will be brought out.

Everything in My word will come to pass. Look, even now while they say it has always been this way, I tell you, look at what I am doing.

A fierce army stands ready upon My command to accomplish My purpose.

Oh, nation once great, do you think you decide who lives and dies? I AM the giver of life and the one who numbers the days. I AM the One who can cast you into hell. I AM the One who gives eternal life.

Why do so many show 5 minutes more? I did not tell them there is yet 5 minutes more. Have I not shown it draws closer? Now is the time to listen. Now is the time to obey. Come, abide in Me lest you be swept away.



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