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Watch! – T. Andrew Farley

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May 6, 2023 3:42 PM
T. Andrew Farley

When My fire comes, does it not come to consume all that is not of My Kingdom?

When My fire comes upon My own, will their lamps be ignited as they shine in the midst of the darkness that has come upon the earth?

They will!

Those who have their lamps full of My oil will speak to and through the gross darkness; for through them- I will expose it for the fleeting shadow that it is!

My Word alone will flow through their lips; often with My healing balm; words of power, might, and restoration! For only those who were once “broken”, will be fully available and truly appreciate the quickened and mighty judgments that I shall now perform upon the earth! These are the ones who will not dare to attempt to steal what belongs to Me, the glory!

AM I not the King of Glory and the Spirit of Reconciliation?

Behold I will come for the last of of the lost sheep of My Father’s house- and I will get their attention in ways that cannot be denied. Chains are going to be broken, the high places and shadow altars of iniquitous idolatry are soon coming down; no heart will be unexposed during this move of Me that has been spoken of through generations of My true prophets!

I alone by the move of My Spirit will lead these sheep in to the fold, and all will celebrate in eternity in and with Me. I AM the One and only door; soon ALL knees will bow as My Word prophesied. Not one tongue will remain silent when the King of kings and Lord of lords claims the victory I earned already for the sons and daughters of My righteousness. I AM faithful!

No longer will My Name be denied or mocked. After this, no longer will the blood of the innocents be spilled; there is an accounting coming and FIRE is the reward of those who spilled it and will not repent.

Be expectant My people, fear nothing for the Hand that holds you is mighty!

Get ready my laborers, those who have accepted the call and know the season that IS at hand.

Watch! Watch and pray always!

Watch and behold what I AM about to do…

-The Lion of Judah

-End of word. This was scribed by T. Andrew Farley, finished on 4/30/2023 at 12:44 pm. If you share it please leave it intact/as is, and with these scriptures below. Test everything.

Verses that accompany this follow:

The Word of God speaks to those with ears to hear:

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A double witness: Hebrew 12:29
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Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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