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Watch For The Signal Coming

January 1, 2022 8:47 PM

December 30, 2021

The signal that the destruction of California and the West Coast is immanent is the devastation of Indonesia. Under the ocean the split in the earth’s crust will travel east and north to the coast of California. You have also been told by one of My servants, to watch for a hurricane hitting the coast of California. It will come.

I AM will save my own in the midst of the annihilation. Even in the hills, outside of Los Angeles there is a Refuge that will house 50K people.

Do not scoff, because the vision has not been fulfilled as yet. Do Not Slumber, Wake-Up And Seek The Word Of God, If You Live On The West Coast Of Mexico, USA Or Canada.

Your demise is overdue, but I AM does not desire the eternal death of My Children. Repent Now, Pray for your loved ones and all those who abide on these lands. They will be cleansed by fire and water and a shaking to melt like wax, the mountains or this region.

My patience is at and end. Your complacency will be answered in eternity by regret, unending sorrow and a black void consumed by fire, if you have not washed your robes in the Lamb’s Precious Blood. Selah.


Note: See ‘The Sixth Seal’ by Pollox, dated Monday, February 15, 2021.
Also numerous messages by Handmaid Of The Most High concerning Indonesia, on this site.

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